Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, is extemely good at exploitation.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, is extremely good at exploitation.

Leave it to a Planned Parenthood and their supporters to turn an American tragedy for their corrupt pro-choice agenda. The company Omaze has taken the 9/11 chant of “United We Stand” and morphed it into a shirt to support the nation’s largest abortion provider which reads, “United We Plan.”

The Omaze campaign which ends in three days offers a United We Plan T-shirt, complete with a flag emblem, for just $25. The proceeds go to Planned Parenthood naturally which Omaze lists as one of their favorite charities. According to the description on the site, “Your support is helping create a country where all women—of every background, race, religion, and ethnicity—are treated as equal.”

Liberal celebs have been blowing up social media with pictures of themselves wearing the shirts and praising the organization. For instance, Omaze tweeted “Feeling klossy?” on Sep. 6 with a picture of model Karlie Kloss. “Join @karliekloss in taking a stand and supporting Planned Parenthood when you get this tee.” Kloss herself had shared the same picture in August with the caption, “1 in 5 women in the US has relied on a @PPact. They need our help now more than ever.”


Being fair to the company, they do appear to be completely dedicated to helping organizations and doing so in a way that makes giving accessible to everyone. Celebrities can offer amazing opportunities in return for people donating to causes. For instance, give a $10 donation to Ben Stiller’s Foundation and get 100 chances to win a meeting with him and the cast of the movie Dodgeball.


So while the company promotes some great causes and people certainly have a right to support Planned Parenthood, the question really is, why this slogan? They couldn’t have created something of their own or at least stayed away from something so important to so many people?

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