Judge's Abortion Ties

PUBLISHED: 7:56 PM 24 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 6:45 PM 25 Aug 2018

Planned Parenthood Founding Judge Bans Activist From Releasing Undercover Footage

The judge issued a gag order preventing footage from being released which would be detrimental to the abortion chain.

It is now apparent why a federal judge issued a gag order against releasing undercover Planned Parenthood footage: he founded a clinic himself.

Warning: Contains disturbing content.

While abortion procedures are horrifying alone, the surrounding politics are also highly disturbing considering the extent to which some officials have attempted to cover up the terrors that occur within baby-slaughtering clinics.

This is no conservative conspiracy as abortion advocates would surely love to suggest, as a major revelation was recently revealed, exposing a judge appointed under former president Barack Obama who apparently had a ‘secret’ surrounding his direct involvement with Planned Parenthood. Now, his previous ruling surrounding ‘damning footage’ makes perfect sense in aligning with his agenda yet has raised questions which demand to know why a judge with such a notable conflict of interest was even allowed to rule in the case in the first place.

Back in April, Judge William Orrick ruled that the Supreme Court would not review footage that could prove detrimental to Planned Parenthood and its horrific practices. The footage did not just detail procedures surrounding ending human life but also exposed some of the highly disturbing and unethical actions of the chain’s staff.

Following the revelation that pro-life activists had damaging footage against Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation filed a lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress for revealing the recently obtained footage.

Judge Orrick ruled that since CMP founder David Daleiden previously signed a non-disclosure agreement before going undercover, he “contracted away his first amendment rights.”

The associated evidence was then sealed under a gag order which prevented CMP or Daleiden from releasing the footage, making the judge appear unconcerned at what exactly was occurring in Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide, claiming that releasing such footage would be considered a ‘public safety risk.’

However, it now would seem, to some, that Orrick was fully aware of Planned Parenthood workers’ practices, as he personally founded a location in San Francisco, California.

Daleiden exposed this previously unknown revelation on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News Thursday evening.

In his interview with Carlson, he explained the major conflict of interest in issuing the following statement after Carlson asked how a judge could infringe upon an activist’s right to speech in such a way:

“He doesn’t, Tucker, and that is what is so blatantly unconstitutional about the gag order that Judge William Orrick, at the behest of his friends at Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation, has issued against me and the Center of Medical Progress against releasing the further extensive undercover videotapes that we have of top-level Planned Parenthood abortion doctors and executives networking at the National Abortion Federation’s annual meetings.”

He continued, “Now, he is somehow the judge who is sitting in judgment over these lawsuits brought by Planned Parenthood and their proxies with the National Abortion Federation trying to shut down my freedom of speech, the freedom of speech of all pro-life Americans, and really of any citizen journalist.”

On the show, Carlson expressed his horror with such censorship, saying that Fox News does not promote such violations, inviting Daleiden to release any content on the Tucker Carlson show whether Carlson himself agrees with it or not.

However, Judge Orrick, in issuing the unconstitutional ruling, appears to be covering up for the organization. Given the nature of the footage, it is admittedly clear to see how various videos could prove detrimental to the abortion industry, specifically Planned Parenthood.

While Daleiden has been unable to formally release them, some of the horrors that the videos expose have been previously detailed.

Among the 14 pieces of video footage, abortionists and other clinicians at various Planned Parenthood have been caught saying highly disrespectful things about fetal remains, mostly pertaining to the amount of money which they can earn as a result of selling body parts.

In one video, Planned Parenthood doctor Savita Ginde explains that a ‘flat fee’ for an entire aborted baby is often less profitable than dismembering the slaughtered child and instead selling their body parts on a ‘per-item’ basis.

The footage includes further admissions addressing horrors such as ‘baby crushing,’ how various profitable body parts are obtained, and about how the mothers of the now-aborted babies are unaware of the ultimate fate of their child who was never given a chance at life.

Yet perhaps the most horrific admission that has come from the series of footage involves the all-too-frequent occurrence of babies being born live which practitioners subsequently kill, again, to earn a profit.

A particularly disturbing video was obtained at a Planned Parenthood location in San Jose, California, where a doctor asked another worker if ‘You want to see something kind of cool?’

The woman secured her one-way ticket to hell when she reportedly “tap[ped] the heart” of an aborted fetus which then started beating.

Admittedly, the fact that these doctors are performing late-term abortions with such abandon makes their inappropriate conduct somewhat unsurprising. Yet it is no less shocking to those with any regard for life and how human remains, fully developed or not, should be respectfully treated.

Also considering that the footage could get any of the offending facilities shut down, as well as Judge Orrick’s ties to the murderous organization, his previous ruling now makes perfect sense yet is still utterly sickening.