Planned Parenthood Footage

PUBLISHED: 7:06 PM 12 Jul 2018

Planned Parenthood Essentially Admits To Selling Fetal Parts In Failing To Disprove Evidence

The company has one week to disprove what they call ‘edited’ footage.

The ever-corrupt Planned Parenthood legal defense team has declined to release how much revenue it has generated from selling fetal remains.

If liberals could finally accept the corruptness of Planned Parenthood and its practices, perhaps they may begin to realize the horror of abortion. Among some of the company’s murderous actions include late-term and partial-birth abortions, along with illegally profiting from slaughtered fetus’ corpses and body parts.

Footage surrounding such has circulated, exposing the organization. It filed a lawsuit in response, claiming that associated videos had been ‘misleading’ and damaging to its reputation, yet apparently did not expect the court to require proof falsifying the claims. With a deadline to provide such within just days, the organization is now sickeningly mitigating the horrific evidence.

Unsurprisingly, the Planned Parenthood Federation of American got itself into this situation in 2016 when it sued the Center for Medical Progress “and its founder, David Daleiden,” for revealing that it had been selling fetal remains.

The abortion chain did so, claiming an “invasion of privacy” and that such footage had been heavily edited to support a pro-life agenda and accuse Planned Parenthood of conducting illegal activities.

It further demanded millions in financial compensation which it claimed to have lost from the videos.

Supporting the CMP, a pro-life law firm, Life Legal, has since demanded that Planned Parenthood somehow prove that the footage was false and had been edited.

Life Legal further demanded records as to how much Planned Parenthood financially benefitted off fetal remains.

To this, Planned Parenthood essentially admitted to the practice, saying that however much it may or may not have profited from such sales was ‘irrelevant’ to the lawsuit regarding the alleged slander.

Furthermore, it implied that even if it had made such profits, they have would have been insignificant compared to the millions that the company generates annually through other services.

This ‘millionaire shoplifter defense,’ Life Legal Executive Director Alex Snyder argued, is, of course, ridiculous, as it does not debunk the claim that Planned Parenthood had illegally sold body parts.

If anything, Snyder noted, an attempt at such a defense is telling of the organization’s apparent disregard for law simply because of the size of it.

He continued that “the court should see through this specious reasoning and order Planned Parenthood to provide documentation of its baby body parts revenue and expenses.”

Such may occur, as Planned Parenthood’s legal team will stand before Judge Donna Ryu of the Northern California District court in Oakland, California on July 19, with an answer as to why it has so far failed to disprove the claims for which it initially brought to court.

While Planned Parenthood has claimed that it is of no concern as to how much money it made from baby body parts, its initial lawsuit depends on it in the form of proof, as would be required in any other case.

It is unclear why the organization believes a court would rule in its favor regarding the ‘damaging’ footage while unable to provide proof otherwise. Such neglect is laughable, yet is admittedly consistent with liberal dishonesty.

In any case, such could be helpful for pro-life efforts, as Planned Parenthood has once again failed outright in disproving that it has been participating in the horrendous practices that it has become notorious for.

Conservatives may not yet be able to convince liberal women to not abort their babies; however, any negative exposure of the organization may at least hold it accountable and hopefully save unborn lives.

Recently, Planned Parenthood has only made negative and controversial headlines.

In April, it outlandishly distributed $30 million in campaign funding in a vial political attempt to put democrats in control of Congress once again.

Also that month, a Planned Parenthood associate had a concerned mother in Maryland wrongfully arrested when she attempted to gain access to the sex ed content that her underage daughter was being exposed to at a local public library.

Yet it is what occurs inside of Planned Parenthood’s clinics which is, of course, the most disturbing, making it necessary for the organization to cover up.

In April again, the organization, along with the ACLU of Indiana attempted to sue the state over health inspections of its local clinics. The defense argued that such were unconstitutional and violented patients’ privacy.

However, considering the filthy conditions that some Planned Parenthood facilities have been found to be in, along with proof of body part selling, it should rightfully anticipate such inspections, along with the demands in the current case.

If the organization had not been partaking in illegal practices and failing to uphold health standards, it would have nothing to worry about.

Yet, as can be seen in its recent failure to provide proof of its defense, one can, unfortunately, assume that the footage in question, along with other rumors surrounding the organization, are likely true.