Pro-Choice Princess

PUBLISHED: 8:18 PM 27 Mar 2018

Planned Parenthood Calls For Disney Princess Who Has Had Abortion

Planned Parenthood wants Disney to create a character who had an abortion.

Planned Parenthood wants a Disney princess who had an abortion.

Planned Parenthood wants Disney to create a princess who is transgender and has had an abortion, according to the Daily Wire.

When the taxpayer-funded liberal group isn’t selling baby body parts for profit, Planned Parenthood is seeking to indoctrinate children that killing unborn infants is acceptable.

On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood Keystone tweeted out a list of demands that they want to see in a Disney princess.

Planned Parenthood wants a Disney princess who has had an abortion, is pro-choice, transgender, works for a union, and is an illegal immigrant.

Daily Wire reporter Amanda Prestigiacomo captured a screenshot of the tweet before they deleted it.

It’s unclear why they deleted the tweet, but it likely had to do with users criticizing the disgusting proposal from the far-left group.

Rather than teach young children about giving power to the voiceless, Planned Parenthood wants to desensitize children to the idea of murdering children still in the womb.

Planned Parenthood continues to argue that abortion is empowering for women, which is absolutely disgusting.

The liberal company believes female empowerment can be achieved by showing young girls that the right to life is not important, and that aborting unborn children is somehow a worthy goal for women.

As a company whose financial standing is predicated on their sickening abortion practices, the company appears determined to indoctrinate young children into believing the practice of killing unborn children is acceptable.

Abortion is an extremely sensitive topic, but it’s something that must be discussed.

Given that hundreds of thousands of innocent babies are killed each year by violent groups like Planned Parenthood, it’s crucial that young children aren’t brainwashed into believing such sick practices are acceptable.

Protecting life is very important and many Americans agree that Disney shouldn’t use cartoon characters to desensitize children to the idea of killing unborn children. With violent video games already contributing to the lack of respect for life, young girls certainly don’t need heroines who’ve participated in infanticide.