Planned Parenthood Campaign

PUBLISHED: 5:03 PM 18 Apr 2018

Planned Parenthood Allocates $30 Million To Help Dems Take Back Senate

It hopes to retain government funding.

Planned Parenthood believes it can help democrats win back Congress with a $30 million campaign in three states.

Just when it appears that Planned Parenthood could not make its way into American society even further, it does. On Monday, the abortion chain announced that it has allocated an outrageous $30 million towards fighting for women’s reproductive rights in at least three states.

While it is not unusual for Planned Parenthood to run campaigns, this one is purely political, as it is an attempt to secure votes for the democratic party which desperately needs to win back Congress to ensure Planned Parenthood receives future federal funding. This has many wondering how this is possible, as it is clearly unethical.

Planned Parenthood has always been about the money, not saving lives, as it kills an estimated 320,000 babies annually off whose lives it makes a profit from.

Considering this, it is unsurprising that the chain is concerned over elections this year, as its very livelihood will depend on if democrats or republicans secure seats in the U.S. Senate this fall.

Conservatives are fighting a strong war against abortion, with one important act having influence over the abortion industry, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. If signed into law, this would prevent any pregnancies beyond 20 weeks of development from being terminated on the basis that fetuses can experience pain at such point. The only exceptions permitted would include endangerment to the mother as well as rape or incest.

The bill has yet to pass in the Senate and will likely be defeated if elected democrats filibuster it.

In addition to this promising act, President Trump has been working towards trying to defund Planned Parenthood entirely and discontinue “grants to its failed teen pregnancy prevention program.”

Planned Parenthood executives determined that the most effective way it could help support a democratic Senate accomplishment is to work on the community level to infiltrate voters’ minds with the same lies that the abortion chain always does.

Planned Parenthood Votes, along with the Center for Community Change Action, Color of Change PAC, and the Service Employees International Union have joined in what is repulsively being called the ‘Win Justice’ pro-abortion coalition.

Its battlegrounds for the ridiculous campaign will be in Florida, Michigan, and Nevada with its target demographics being “young adults, women, and people of color.” It hopes to impact 2.5 million voters in these areas.

Several other states which were considered for the campaign include Arizona, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. However, Win Justice determined that Florida, Michigan, and Nevada are the most important to target.

In Florida, Republican Governor Rick Scott will likely challenge Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. If elected, the Sunshine State would hold two much needed Senate seats.

The abortion coalition admitted that campaigning in Michigan may not prove effective necessarily for the ballot, but Jeff Parcher on behalf of the Center for Community Change Action convinced others on the panel to be optimistic. He is hopeful that the state can be swayed to “support in favor of progressive stances on flashpoint issues” if proper campaigning occurs.

In Nevada, Republican Senator Dean Heller will face one of two democrats fighting for the Senate seat, Representative Jacky Rosen and politician Jesse Sbaih who has over $2 million already funding his campaign. If either beats Heller, democrats will occupy both Nevada seats.

In fighting for only three states, $30 million still seems steep, even for Planned Parenthood. However, the abortion chain surely has the funding for it, with a recent report revealing that the organization has managed to increase its annual income to $1.46 billion.

If it can retain federal funding, then the chain will be quickly make up for the $30 million. It admittedly spent over $38 million during the 2016 election in support of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The campaign money, the Planned Parent Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes departments revealed, will be used to heavily advertise pro-choice beliefs and practices in the form of “TV and digital ads, mailers, and on-the-ground efforts.”

While the campaign is dishonest considering what it is promoting, Planned Parenthood Votes executive director Deirdre Schifeling attempted to the put blame on republicans, claiming that “the Trump-Pence administration has rolled out discriminatory rules and policies that undermine our basic rights and freedoms.”

She continues that the only way to ensure that conservatives do not interfere with the supposed noble causes of the abortion industry is to focus on “winning at the ballot box.”

Planned Parenthood’s promise to fight for reproductive rights is concerning for the pro-life mission. Thankfully, it has not set aside enough funds to advocate in all 50 states, or at least the five others which were considered.

Even if that were the case, those fighting the pro-life mission cannot be discouraged, even by giants such as Planned Parenthood.