Planet X Makes Comeback

PUBLISHED: 10:00 PM 13 Apr 2018

‘Planet X’ Reappears With New Doomsday Date

This particular doomsday myth has even been examined by NASA.

Planet X returns, or is still coming, or something like that.

The end is upon us! Not really, the story of Planet X will never end. At least that is how the Washington Post is reporting its reappearance this month in the British tabloids.

The much-anticipated return of Planet X on April 23, 2018 is being heralded in by the Daily Mail as the theory of a rare alignment of the planets that the notorious doomsday conspiracy theorist, David Meade says points to biblical passages on the coming Rapture.

According to Meade, Planet X will appear and World War III will begin as the rise of the Antichrist follows the disappearance of the church.

The Washington Post repeatedly reiterates that NASA has explained for nearly a decade that there is no evidence for Planet X and the conspiracy theories, citing a video that debunked the doomsday in 2012.

The Catholic pontiff meeting with his atheist friend, who subsequently reported that the pope said hell does not exist, does not help the rational discourse on the absurdity of the end of times prophecies that continue to emerge.

The recent re-circulation of the video of blood appearing on the tomb of Jesus inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is another example. Never mind that there is only one video and it has been around for over four years. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

A similar apocalyptic prediction came from the William Miller, a Baptist preacher whose congregation would go on to form the Seventh-day Adventists. When his April 23, 1843 prediction failed to end the world, William would later predict a new date known as “The Great Disappointment.”

The contemporary equivalent is something more than pieces of historical knowledge mixed with apocalyptic fantasy. Nibiru or Planet X is the imaginary planet whose orbit extends to the edge of the solar system and disrupts the orbits of the other planets, sending “plasmatic energy particles” throughout.

Nibiru was originally theorized by Nancy Lieder in the 1990s but has been updated by Meade in what Live Science calls ‘cross-pollination’ from online sources. The new Planet X story is now more like the non-fiction science fiction genre from the X-files episode, “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space.” There is no way to tell the story without saying something that could be true.

Nevertheless, real science is distorted and used to fuel religious fervor and gain clicks for websites.

NASA astronomers really have identified large asteroids that pass by the planet. Over three dozen Apollo asteroids, a number of which are large enough to be labeled as potentially hazardous, will come within the distance of the moon of Earth this year.

3200 Phaethon is the third largest detected so far, but will not pass close to Earth again until 2093.

Scientists are also making new discoveries while exploring the surface of Mars, finding unexplained features that spark curiosity and theoretical debate. Strange honeycomb patterns on the sand could be water, wind, or even volcanic activity. That would be an exciting discovery!

The thing is, Caltech researchers have discovered evidence that suggests that there is a “Planet X” hidden deep in our solar system. The orbit of “Planet Nine” is elongated and may take as many as 20,000 years to make a full rotation around the sun.

Although the planet has never been directly detected, and may not really exist, mathematical modeling shows that the orbits of the dwarf planets and objects in the Kuiper Belt predict a large undiscovered planet may be hiding beyond Pluto.

A planetary astrophysicist at Caltech, Konstantin Batygin, explained that there are five points of observational evidence that supports the existence of Planet Nine and adds that if it does not exist, the evidence must be explained with many different theories.

Despite scientific inquiry into a mathematical possibility of an unknown planet, the tabloid version of the story continues to run with the same information from the previous year.

The Planet Nine remains a mystery, but a plausible scientific theory that will likely return to make headlines in the future. Even if the tabloids give up on the story of Nibiru by then, the human imagination will fill in the blanks.

The fact is astronomers and serious scientists are looking for Planet Nine. Its odd orbit around the sun may obscure it from scientific instruments that collect light and render what can be viewed by the human conscious.

Perhaps not unlike the mathematical prediction of Saturn’s hexagonal storm, Planet Nine’s discovery will lay to rest the uncertainty of Planet X.