Hollywood Star Defaced

PUBLISHED: 6:26 PM 25 Jul 2018

Pickaxe Attack Utterly Destroys Donald Trump’s Sidewalk Star

Angry liberal hid the ax in a guitar case before fleeing.

Trump's star is a result of his accomplishments in Hollywood, not D.C. Why was it attacked?

As the sheeple act just as the mainstream leftist media tells them to act, anti-Trump hysteria is raging in full bloom in some circles. The Mirror has reported that the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, belonging to the leader who wants America first, was destroyed by an idiot with a pickaxe. The disturbed criminal is now walking the streets freely.

The star was repaired after another attack earlier in the year and video has emerged of self-proclaimed funnymen urinating on it, as well. This time, Mr. Trump’s section of the famous walkway was “completely obliterated.” The ax was left behind and a photo was circulated showing officers beside the damaged piece of history. This is the hate and violence that the “accepting and tolerant” left displays in America today.

As for how the defacement was pulled off, it is said that the culprit hid the weapon in a guitar case before smashing the iconic star and fleeing the scene.

In 2016, activist James Otis, 53, managed to avoid prison for taking a pickaxe and a hammer to Mr. Trump‘s section of the sidewalk. He “pleaded no contest to a felony charge of vandalism.” He was put on probation for three years, owed 20 days of community service, and was “ordered to pay $4,400 (£3,300) for the damage he caused.”

Otis claimed that he was trying to get the medallion so that he could sell it and then give the profits to ladies who claimed that Donald Trump had groped them.

Even if the groping accusations are true (and that is quite an assumption), how many people on that Walk of Fame have pristine clear pasts? This isn’t a hall of fame for the great saints of our time, but rather, often hedonistic entertainers who have done far worse than for what Mr. Trump is accused.

While that does not make any unwanted advance “okay,” even Stormy Daniels said that Donald Trump did not force her into anything. According to most stories, he never again bothered the women in question.

This isn’t about women’s rights, of course.

That is a ploy, an excuse used to make the haters feel like they are really on a mission for some misguided higher good. This is about liberals not liking the fact that voters rejected their agenda in 2016.

Too bad them, because there is a lot of data to suggest that it could happen to them again in 2020, no matter how many pickaxes they feel the need to purchase.