PUBLISHED: 8:35 PM 14 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 12:28 AM 8 Nov 2016

Phone Number History


Have you ever been walking through a mall or walking out of a store and see a sweepstakes, voting registration, opted to be contacted by a new cell phone company or a new company in general for a service. Usually with these sorts of businesses the form you are filling out requires contact information. How else would they let you know if you won? A company you filled a form with might want to update you with information regarding the company’s service or product.

When you fill out these forms or questionnaires you are registering this information to your name and address. This is giving companies the tools to contact you. Usually this information is compiled and put into a database that some companies sell to other companies usually for sales purposes.

Another common way phone numbers are released is through social networks. For example, Facebook, has a personal information section of your Facebook account. Most people fill out the information as they see it is important, but then they wonder why they are being contacted by telemarketers. However, this usually happens to landlines. It is illegal for telemarketers to contact cell phones. Reason being, you would be charged per every minute of the voicemail being left.

If you are being contacted on your cell phone by telemarketers or sales people in general, and you did not provide that company with this information. You can file a complaint with the FCC. For more information on how to file a complaint visit their website .You can register your house phone number on the Do-Not-Call list. However there isn’t much information on how difficult it is to get your phone number on the list, and we can’t say exactly how soon those solicitation calls will stop once you are on the DNC registry.

To find someone’s phone number often you just need to do an online background check and this will instantly give you their number.