Philly OK’s Crime Spree

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 19 Mar 2020
UPDATED: 5:00 PM 19 Mar 2020

Philly Instructions Exposed: Police Will Not Arrest Looters, Thieves, Drug Users

This is a recipe for chaos that could have only born in the brain of a social justice ‘activist,’ like the current police commissioner.

Outlaw has a history of social 'justice' activism. (Source: KION 6 YouTube Screenshot)

Courting chaos and disaster, the Philadelphia Police Department has announced that it will no longer arrest people for “non-violent” crimes.

In fact, they’ve basically admitted that they “won’t protect people or property,” with the new policy.

Things like muggings, looting, vandalism, auto theft, prostitution, and a host of other crimes will be allowed to proceed unhindered. In fact, criminals were just given a free pass.

Sure, the department will ‘write tickets,’ but then the person will be free to go his merry way… happy in the fact that a virus has the power to shut down law and order.

(Remember that Philadelphia was recently plagued with hordes of teen vandals and thugs basically rioting without being checked.)

Conservative Treehouse author Sundance explained the situation:

It should be remembered the current Philadelphia police commissioner, Danielle Outlaw is a social justice activist from Portland, Oregon.

Unfortunately, there is a predictive element to this.  Perhaps some are familiar with the post Hurricane Andrew experience in Homestead and Miami-Dade.

The only thing standing between law-abiding citizens and those who would take their possessions is an ability to defend your own property.

This is now the Philadelphia reality.

PHILADELPHIA – In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Philadelphia police officers have been instructed to stop making arrests for certain non-violent crimes.

The department said individuals who would normally be arrested and processed at a detective division, will be temporarily detained to confirm identification and complete necessary paperwork. The individual will then be arrested at a later date on an arrest warrant. (read more)

Beware, the law of unintended consequences.

Here’s the leaked guidance.  You can easily predict the problem with this policy:

From the instructions above…. Non-violent offenses include: All narcotics offenses. Theft from persons. Retail theft. Theft from auto. Burglary. Vandalism. All bench warrants. Stolen auto. “Economic crimes” (ie. looting, bad checks, fraud) and finally Prostitution.

Those offenders will be immediately released after documentation.

This is the exact issue that drives the need for law-abiding citizens to the second amendment for protection when the police openly admit they will not protect people or property.

Full Philadelphia Police Commissioner’s directive here @FOX29philly

— Steve Keeley (@KeeleyFox29) March 18, 2020