Pennsylvania Recount Looms

PUBLISHED: 3:47 PM 14 Mar 2018

Pennsylvania Special Election Recount Looms Amid Tight Race

The race is so close that Republicans may call for a recount.

Republicans may call for recount.

Despite Democrat Conor Lamb claiming victory, republicans say they may call for a recount in the Pennsylvania special House election, according to Fox News.

The hotly contested race has not yet been called, and many are demanding action from the Pennsylvania Special Election Commission to ensure illegal votes weren’t counted.

While there’s no mandatory recount for federal elections in Pennsylvania, republicans have the option to petition for one if they have concerns about the accuracy of the vote count.

As of Wednesday morning, Lamb had just 641 more votes than Republican Rick Saccone. State election officials said there are roughly 200 absentee and an unknown number of provisional ballots that haven’t been counted yet.

Even though the race hasn’t been called, Lamb ironically claimed victory late Tuesday night.

“It took a little longer than we thought,” Lamb said. “We followed what I learned in the Marines – leave no one behind. We went everywhere; we talked to everyone; we invited everyone in.”

However, republicans aren’t conceding — and a petition for a recount could change everything.

Fox News reports Republicans are planning to file a petition in court to demand all machines and ballots in every county that voted Tuesday night are handed over to the court.

The goal is for a complete recount to ensure illegal votes weren’t counted and to identify who actually won the tight race.

GOP lawmakers plan to argue that touch screen machines in Allegheny County — the largest democrat stronghold — weren’t properly calibrated, which could have given votes to Lamb that were intended for Saccone.

Lawmakers also fear the recently court-drawn map for the next election confused voters, which could have led to voters being turned away.

It is unclear when the race will be officially called, but many are urging republicans to file a petition for a recount in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.

If illegal votes were counted and swayed the election, the American people deserve to know about it.