PA Goes Full Left

PUBLISHED: 1:45 PM 18 Sep 2020
UPDATED: 6:13 PM 18 Sep 2020

Pennsylvania Removes Green Party, Says Votes Will Be Counted After Election Day

So… in Pennsylvania, the left has already decreed that the votes will be counted until there is ‘enough’ to give the race to democrats.

Wrong. (Source: Fox 29 Video Screenshot)

It has begun. The war to stop the people from electing the candidate who has a massive majority of support, Donald Trump, will be waged at the polls, and Pennsylvania has just declared that the winner will be democrats.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (democrat majority) sided with democrats who demanded that ballots continue to be counted for three days after election day… essentially hijacking the entire country and preventing a winner from being declared.

Of course, democrats had already begun to prepare the country for the rigging theft of the presidency, claiming that President Trump will likely win by a landslide on election night, but that Joe Biden would prevail in the weeks afterward by the counting of ‘mail in’ ballots.

In further efforts to ensure that as many democrat votes are counted as possible, the state removed the Green Party candidate from the ballot as well.

Trib Live reported:

Pennsylvania’s highest court gave the Democratic Party a series of victories Thursday, including one allowing repairs to glitches and gray areas in the battleground state’s fledgling mail-in voting law and another that kicked the Green Party’s presidential candidate off the November ballot.

The state Supreme Court, which has a 5-2 Democratic majority, granted the Democratic Party’s request to order a three-day extension of Pennsylvania’s Election Day deadline to count mailed-in ballots. And it ruled that the Green Party’s candidate for president did not strictly follow procedures for getting on the ballot in November and cannot appear on it.

Ballots that are eligible to be counted must be postmarked by the time polls close and be received by county election boards at 5 p.m. on Nov. 6, three days after the Nov. 3 election. Republicans have opposed changing that deadline.

Most states make Election Day the deadline, but 18 states — about half of which backed President Donald Trump in the 2016 election — have a post-Election Day deadline.

The court’s ruling also authorized the use of satellite election offices and drop boxes by counties.

Areas with heavy concentrations of registered Democratic voters, Philadelphia and its heavily populated suburbs, are planning to use satellite election offices and drop boxes to help relieve the pressure from an avalanche of mailed-in ballots expected in the presidential election.

Republicans had sought to outlaw the use of such drop boxes or satellite election offices, saying they are not explicitly authorized under state law.

In a slightly earlier decision Thursday, the high court along the same partisan lines reversed a ruling by a Republican judge in a lower court on the candidacy of Green Party presidential nominee Howie Hawkins.

The court’s two Republicans agreed the Green Party did not meet the law’s requirements, but, in a dissenting opinion, said it might be possible to allow the Green Party to fix it retroactively.

The Hawkins and Biden campaigns did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Democrats have long gone to court to keep Green Party candidates off the ballot, worried that they will siphon otherwise liberal voters in close contests against Republicans in the politically polarized state.

In this case, Democratic party activists challenged what they said were disqualifying irregularities in how the Green Party filed affidavits for the presidential candidate that is supposed to accompany paperwork with at least 5,000 voter signatures to get on the ballot.

Mark Levin addressed the blatant election rigging by demanding that the PA House do something immediately to stop this atrocity, arguing that it is not the right of the judiciary to pass new laws: