2 Groups Added To Terror List

PUBLISHED: 8:32 PM 1 Feb 2018

Pence Trip To Egypt Prompts Huge Decision, Two Added To Terror List

This is more proof that the Muslim Brotherhood needs to be designated a terror group.

Mike Pence's trip to Egypt has both strengthened America's connection to Egypt's government and our ability to keep ourselves safe from terrorism. Truly, the trip is a fantastic example of synergy and mutual interests.

Many Islamic organizations, even ones that are allowed to operate in the United States, have ties to terrorism.  During the Obama administration, however, those organizations were allowed to run mostly free, unless caught giving direct aid to terrorists.  During a trip to Egypt by Vice President Pence, the Donald Trump White House showcased the difference in leadership styles.

President Donald Trump’s White House seems to be taking steps to fix the terror group list, and their first step was to add two Egyptian wings of the Muslim Brotherhood to the groups designated ‘terror groups.’ The Muslim Brotherhood, however, has strong links to an American organization which is often portrayed as a ‘civil rights’ group.

This was brought about thanks to the work of the sometimes-friendly Egyptian government, who provided evidence that both groups, Hasm and Liwa al-Thawra, received financial support from the Muslim Brotherhood.  Vice President Mike Pence likely even paid some role, as he spent time recently in Egypt meeting with government officials in the beleaguered nation.

According to the Egyptian government, both groups used that funding to target police, military, and even government officials.

Last May, the United States State Department even warned that Hasm had issued a threat of an unspecified nature against the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt.

The groups, Hasm and Liwa al-Thawra, have been designated as terror groups by other nations as well. Last month, even the United Kingdom proclaimed them terrorist organizations

The Muslim Brotherhood is no fan of the United States or most western democracies, either. It has repeatedly declared its hatred for other nations, including a declaration last month that the U.S. was “an enemy of the Arab world.”

Incidentally, the current leadership of Hasm and Liwa al-Thawra both came from the Muslim Brotherhood.

The origins of both Hasm and Liwa al-Thawra can both be traced to the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau and its leader, Mohamed Kamal.

Though Kamal died after a shootout with police in 2016, both groups retain their strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt is currently engaged in operations against the Muslim Brotherhood and its various subordinate organizations.  The Muslim Brotherhood was originally formed in Egypt, and long used the nation as a base of operations.

An assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood and its activities in Egypt performed and published by U.S. researcher Moktar Awad, noted that Kamal was very active in acting against those in opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The report also noted that Awad utilized Hasm and other groups, which he also led or cooperated with, in order to assassinate Egyptian government officials.

Last month, 10 members of Hasm were arrested for participating in an attack against a Coptic Christian church.  The cell was found to be operating under the direct leadership of a Muslim Brotherhood official.

The Muslim Brotherhood often claims to be a charity for the Islamic world, portraying itself as a ‘civil rights’ organization.  However, there are not many legitimate civil rights organizations with such strong ties to terrorist organizations and their attacks.

So, how does this affect America?  Well, besides adding two more nations to our list of terrorist organizations, an American group has very strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been said to funnel money to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been accused of funding terrorism around the world.

CAIR represents itself as a Muslim civil rights group, but it has earned scorn from many in American politics, as well as from American Muslims.

American Muslims despise that CAIR follows a very conservative interpretation of Islam, such as requiring all women wear a veil.

It has been alleged by academics and researchers, however, that beneath this conservative Muslim exterior, CAIR funnels donation money to groups which are engaged in terrorism, such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Further, CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trials.  Multiple personnel were named in the trial, and a founder of CAIR’s Dallas branch was given a prison sentence of more than six decades for his role in funneling money to terrorist organizations abroad, namely Hamas.

Designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization would be a better move, but until that day, designating organizations it is related to and seemingly funds is a much better method for dealing with them than President Obama’s system of ‘pretend that there’s no problem and constantly invite CAIR to the White House.’

The United States needs to take a harder line against organizations that constantly find themselves connected to terrorist groups, and declaring portions of the Muslim Brotherhood for the terrorist organizations they are is a good start.