Pelosi Suffers 16 Malfunctions

PUBLISHED: 12:20 AM 10 Mar 2018

Pelosi Suffers 16 Blunders In 15 Minute Briefing

The California Democrats stumbles to form coherent answers during presser.

Pelosi has numerous brain freezes during press briefing.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi suffered two dozen brain malfunctions while speaking to the media for less than 15 minutes, according to Grabien News.

During her press briefing Thursday, Pelosi’s inability to answer simple questions and form coherent answers raises serious questions about her mental fitness.

While trying to denigrate President Donald Trump and Republicans, the California Democrat lost her train of thought at least 16 times.

“Um… um… um…” Pelosi muttered on numerous occasions while trying to answer basic questions.

“This week we had … March 5th … marked the 6th month — the end of the … time frame,” Pelosi sputtered.

She forgot the date in which the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program expired, suggesting she obviously doesn’t care about protecting illegals as much as she claims.

When asked about fracturing in the Democratic Party, Pelosi struggled to convince Americans that her party was excited and full of energy.

“The most exhilarating …” Pelosi said about the Democrats.

She claimed the factions in Democratic Party — many of which have called for her resignation — is “exciting” and “thrilling.”

When asked about a Senate bill aiming to alter Dodd-Frank, Pelosi was completely unable to form a complete sentence.

“You might say, How do we help communities banks, um, how do we help, um …” she sputtered, forgetting what she was trying to say about the bill.

Pelosi having 16 brain freezes in under 15 minutes is quite troubling, and raises important questions about her fitness to remain in office.

While her repeated gaffes are comical, it’s also alarming that she is responsible for passing legislation that effects millions of Americans.

With her own party slowly turning on her and doubting her ability to lead, many would agree it’s time for Pelosi to step down.

Pelosi unintentionally continues to prove why we need congressional term limits.

Watch her deranged segment below: