Betrays America, Defends Illegals

PUBLISHED: 10:44 PM 2 Mar 2018

Pelosi Slams ICE For Arresting “‘Law-Abiding, Patriotic” Illegal Aliens

Pelosi said ICE abused it's power to arrest illegal aliens in the U.S.

Pelosi vows to avenge Obama.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents “abused their power” when they arrested more than 150 illegal aliens in California.

The California Democrat said ICE agents broke the law when they arrested illegal immigrants, who she described as “hard-working, law-abiding” citizens who are “patriotic.”

While Pelosi sides with illegals over Americans, her latest despicable comments come after ICE carried out a large raid on Sunday in her district.

Pelosi described ICE’s enforcement of federal immigration laws as a “shocking abuse of law enforcement power.”

“The Trump Administration’s raids were a shocking abuse of law enforcement power,” Pelosi said. “Yet again, the White House has reached into our communities to indiscriminately detain scores of hard-working, law-abiding immigrants.”

Pelosi said because only half of the 150 illegals arrested by ICE had a criminal record, the others should have been allowed to remain the country.

“Fully half of those swept up in the ICE raids have no criminal record,” she said.

“This raid was intended solely to terrorize innocent immigrant families and instill fear in the hearts of our communities–not to keep Americans safe,” she said. “Parents will now be torn from their children, and spouses ripped away from their loved ones.”

The California lunatic doubled down on her denigration of ICE, saying they carried out “cowardly attacks” against “patriotic immigrants.”

This woman has completely lost her mind.

Rather than comply with President Donald Trump and his administration, the lawless Democrat is more concerned with slamming federal officials than protecting the actual Americans she claims to represent.

Those who enter a nation without authorization are not patriotic — they’re criminals. This is also true for the Obama-era beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Pelosi calling ICE agents unlawful and cowardly for doing their job is just another chilling reminder that Democrats are more concerned with prioritizing illegals than keeping Americans safe.

Source: The Gateway Pundit