PUBLISHED: 9:12 PM 10 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 10:23 PM 10 Feb 2017

Pelosi Says It Directly Into The Mic…Room Goes Silent As She Gets Caught, AGAIN

Onlookers at the press conference react to Pelosi's blunders.

Onlookers at the press conference react to Pelosi's blunders.

Onlookers at the press conference react to Pelosi’s blunders.

One of the questions an individual is asked during a mental competency evaluation is, “who is the president of the United States?” Given that experts use it to consider mental faculties or lack of, should there be concerns raised about California Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi? It seems during a recent press conference, Pelosi may be a little confused as to what year it is and who is the president.

“We’ve seen nothing where we can where — where I can work with President Bush on…” Pelosi said.

“I’m disappointed because I thought there might be some interest because of what he said in the campaign,” she added.

At no time during the press gathering did Pelosi correct herself and neither did her colleagues including fellow Progressive Democrat, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who conducted the joint conference with Pelosi. Instead Waters eyes widened and appeared to be muttering “something” to another colleague next to her.

Why didn’t Waters step up, and in humor, make the correction? Certainly everyone in the room and Pelosi herself would have had a good laugh. But there was no laughter; just stunned silence. What does this behavior indicate from those closest to one of the most influential voices for the progressive faction within the Democratic Party?

Could there be something serious going on with Pelosi’s mental faculties? If so then it is rather ironic that she and Waters are spearheading the charge of incompetency against Trump. Pushing for possible removal under Article 25 of the Constitution or at the very least appointing a White House “psychiatrist” to monitor the behavior of the president.

Imagine if conservatives led a charge of such inflammatory actions against Obama? There were many discussions of possible “impeachment.” Those arguments were based on actions they deemed unethical and in most cases unconstitutional to the point of treason. Never was there any attempt to declare Obama psychologically unstable and he should be removed for mental incompetency.

Congresswomen Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi seem to be struggling with keeping their facts straight!

Congresswomen Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi seem to be struggling with keeping their facts straight!

Pelosi has a long history of making non seneschal statements as in 2009 when she stated, “you have to pass the bill so see what’s in the bill,” in answering questions about Obamacare; what was then 2,000 plus pages of a monstrous piece of legal ease legislation that had some of the top Constitutional lawyers in the country scratching their heads.

So one can almost justify if Pelosi found the bill confusing and difficult to understand much less explain. And that is being generous to Ms. Pelosi’s blunder. On last accounts the law has now grown into over 30,000 pages of added “rules” and “regulations” none which were approved by Congress.

One could certainly understand if she inadvertently said “Obama” instead of “Bush,” since it has only been a few weeks ago that Obama was still the president. Kind of like trying to get use to writing 2017 instead of 2016 at the beginning of the new year. Again, in the spirit of bipartisanship this is being generous.

In the past when Pelosi “stumbled” on her words, colleagues were fast on the trigger to correct and defend the California senator, offering up statements that she “misspoke.” Even Pelosi corrected herself with humor, or carefully crafted follow up statements of explanation.

But not this time, and not in another recent blunder as reported on this site. Her colleagues again reacted in stunned looks, some silent, others whispering to each other as she kept pushing over an open microphone, for her “protégé” to say he is Muslim during the press conference.

Pelosi called the press conference to announce Progressive Democrat, Andre Carson’s appointment to the House Intelligence Committee, the committee that has access to highly classified information and top secret documents that affect national security. Qualification for serve on the committee are very strict and it is unusual to have a freshman congressman to get a seat at the table.

However, just as Pelosi was instrumental in getting Carson elected to the House, she also wielded her power as long term congresswoman who served as both House Majority and Minority leader for a number of years.

As revealed by Allison Hillman, a senior writer for CPD, Carson has been directly linked to a number of terrorist organizations by verified documents, as well as Carson, himself, being openly active by giving speeches and serving on panels for groups like CAIR. CAIR is so radically tied to terrorism that Saudi Arabian lists them as a state sponsored terrorist organization. Readers can access Ms. Hillman’s in-depth report on the Pelosi/Carson ties to terrorism through this link.

Not only are Pelosi’s “misstatements” raising questions, but also her judgement in supporting a candidate with known terrorism ties much pushing to get him into the highly secretive House Intelligence Committee. Is there something sinister in Pelosi’s recent actions, as some have suggested, or is there a medical condition that have her own colleagues muttering to each other. What inside information is being relayed in these noticeable “whispers?” What are her colleagues saying to each other but not to the public?

Carson and fellow Muslim Keith Ellison the front runner to head the DNC are tied to a number of terrorists organizations.

Carson and fellow Muslim Keith Ellison the front runner to head the DNC are tied to a number of terrorists organizations.

Certainly if Pelosi is suffering from dementia or early stages of Alzheimer’s then no one should be making light of her medical illness or even wish such a devastating disease on anyone. But if she is, then perhaps it is time for Ms. Pelosi to step down and resign her seat in the best interests of the nation and its citizens.

Her fellow colleagues and the DNC should be supportive of Pelosi if this is the case, but they also should be taking the needed actions for a resignation, one arranged that will allow Pelosi to leave with dignity.

The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, who would appoint a replacement to fill the seat until mid-term elections is after all a far left Progressive Democrat. So there should be no concerns for Progressive liberals as to the type of political idealism the appointee would represent.

Either way, whether Pelosi has a serious medical condition or she is plotting something more sinister, the American people have a right to question and to be concerned. Her actions affects ALL Americans when it comes to national security.

Simply the usual Pelosi blunders or not, Congressman Carson is a threat to our nation and should have never been cleared to access documents and information he can feed to the enemy to cause great harm to the lives of people and to the United States. And if it comes to that, God forbid, Nancy Pelosi will be directly responsible and held legally accountable as a “conspirator” and a treasonous traitor.