PUBLISHED: 5:01 PM 9 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 7:17 PM 9 Jan 2018

Pelosi Reneges, GOP Power Play As DACA Vote “Hostage” Scheme Gets What Is Coming

McCarthy is not caving to Pelosi's demands.

McCarthy is not caving to Pelosi’s demands.

While Democrats are threatening to shut down the federal government if Congress doesn’t give illegal immigrants special treatment, top Republicans are reminding liberals which party actually controls Congress.

With just a few months left to find a legislative solution to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an Obama-era program that shielded roughly 800,000 children who came to the U.S. with their parents, Republicans have many demands they want in return for allowing them to stay in the country.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said passing a DACA solution won’t be attached to the upcoming spending bill that must be passed by Monday to ensure the government stays open. In fact, the American people have voted to ensure that democrats do not get their way concerning these illegal criminals.

That’s big news for Republicans as it shows that they are not caving to demands from Democrats to pass a DACA solution without getting many of the things President Donald Trump wants in return, such as funding for the border wall and an end to several immigration loopholes.

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, the second highest ranking Republican in the Senate, said Monday that Democrats are “holding the whole spending bill hostage,” saying they are threatening to shut down the government if they don’t get sweeping protection for nearly one million illegal immigrants.

Republicans aren’t budging on Democrats insane demands.

But Republicans aren’t caving to liberal demands, which is a good sign for many Americans.

In exchange for renewing DACA, Trump and Republicans want funding for the wall along the southern border, an end to chain migration and the immigration visa lottery, as well as a few other minor concessions on ensuring we can secure our borders and nation. This is wrong. They should not have to give away anything.

To pass a spending bill, Congress has to have 60 votes – meaning Republicans need at least eight votes from Democrats.

But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is reneging on her promise to work with Republicans, and now Democrats are trying to play hardball as they don’t want to concede on any of those requests.

It would be nice if these liberals cared more about the American people than illegal immigrants who demand special treatment. American citizens should always be prioritized over illegal immigrants, but liberals apparently disagree with that.

Source: Daily Caller