Trump Stuns

PUBLISHED: 5:48 PM 7 Nov 2018

Pelosi Gets Unlikely Support As Trump Fires Back On Investigation Threat

The contest for Speaker of the House will be interesting, and the president has backed Nancy Pelosi, while simultaneously firing back at dems for their threats of investigation.

Nancy Pelosi is making a bid for Speaker, and got President Trump's support.

After multiple reports argued that democrats had vowed to bring a plethora of investigations against President Trump and his cabinet, the president has fired back, threatening to return the favor through the senate.

In another stunning announcement, Trump has thrown his support behind 78-year-old Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House position. A move that has some people scratching their heads.

Pelosi has made it clear that she wants the job, but she is a polarizing figure for many conservatives.

During the congressional campaigns, about 60 Democratic House candidates called for new leadership, showing dissatisfaction with Pelosi, who can hardly open her mouth without providing fodder for the GOP.

Her ‘wrap up smear’ was one of the latest gaffs, uttered while stuttering with crone-like cackles.

Reuters reported, “That level of unrest means the Democrats’ first order of business as the House majority will be to decide whether to put the speaker’s gavel back in Pelosi’s hands, or not.”

“None of that frightens me. It’s what I anticipate, what I expect and what I thrive on,” Pelosi stated a few weeks ago.

However, before she can resume the position, she must get a majority of liberals to support her in a behind-closed-doors leadership election.

“Two years ago, in the internal party race for minority leader, 63 Democrats voted for Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio, but Pelosi received 134 votes.”

Ryan was asked recently if he would challenge Pelosi.

“There are a number of candidates that are having conversations that are talking about running,” he said. “I will say it’s not going to be a coronation. Somebody is going to run for leadership.

“The American people want a change. I think the Democrats want a change. So we’re going to have that discussion starting on Wednesday. … I want to be a part of that discussion.”

President Trump expressed support for Pelosi’s speakership bid.

Offering to get GOP votes for her is unprecedented.

However, when faced with a potential threat for a slew of investigations, Trump fired back.

There are plenty of people who believe that the corrupted stink emanating from Washington has its source in the left.

As the country is finally beginning to recover from the disastrous results of Obama’s excessive regulations and job-killing, amnesty programs, many people are hoping that Trump makes good on the threat to subpoena the real illegal actions of the previous administration.