PUBLISHED: 7:30 PM 19 Jan 2018

Pelosi Energizes Base As “Betta Werk” Sign Of Solidarity Specifically Directed At San Francisco “Queens”

Martin Walsh by

Pelosi is now spending her time with drag queens.

Pelosi is now spending her time with drag queens.

In another pathetic move to pander to the LGBTQ community for votes, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will appear at a drag show.

Pelosi appeared as a “guest judge” on the VH1 drag queen reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” where she judged men dressed as women in dressing and make-up.

As detailed by the Washington Free Beacon, Pelosi has been known to be a “big fan” of the drag queen reality show — which won’t come as a surprise to anyone. Her use of a strange term in a tweet, “betta werk,” is baffling to most but is probably a pathetic attempt to fit in.

She is also very close with drag queen RuPaul Andre Charles, and she worked with him to ensure her district in San Francisco remained a “safe place” for LGBTQ community.

Because if there’s anywhere gay people won’t be showered with praise, it’s California.

Pelosi will be judging these people in hopes of securing more votes.

A spokesperson for Pelosi said her appearance is aimed at sending a message to the President Donald Trump to show that she stands in solidarity with gay people.

For the record, there is absolutely zero evidence to suggest Trump doesn’t also respect the rights of every single American, including gay people – so Pelosi is just using this odd ploy for political points.

On Thursday, Pelosi sent out a cringe-worthy tweet wishing the contestants luck in the contest, adding that she had a “fabulous time” during the event that will air on Jan. 25.

Pelosi has proven on numerous occasions that she has completely lost it, and is more concerned with spending time with drag queens than funding the federal government, securing our borders, and admitting that the GOP tax cuts have already had a major impact on our country in a positive way.

In a time when we need unity, Pelosi is using gay drag queens to send a message to Trump.

If Democrats want to finally win an election, they “betta werk” harder than this for some votes.

Source: Washington Free Beacon