PUBLISHED: 6:20 PM 15 Mar 2017

Pelosi Asks Americans To Send In Their Support, Instead Gets Destroyed By Struggling Families


Nancy Pelosi asked what people thought of Obamacare and she found out that they hate it!

American movies and novels often give us stories of people who don’t see things as they really are. It seems to be a U.S. theme with tales like “A Telltale Heart,” “A Secret Garden,” and even “Eraserhead.” Hitchcock’s “Psycho” would be another example of a script that portrays this phenomenon. This brings us to statements made by Nancy Pelosi, someone who also believes things that are quite false. Besides the quack global warming science that she buys into, Nancy Pelosi thought that America was in love with Obamacare. This was evidenced by her ridiculous tweeting about it.

Pelosi sent out a tweet asking for people to tell their Obamacare stories. She must have been expecting heartwarming stories, but what she really received was the cold hard truth. Not since Quixote in La Mancha has anyone had such a sharp awakening as Nancy Pelosi did. While those that she may encounter in her inner circle sing the praises of the socialist medical mandate, most of America detests the program.

One of the reasons that some poor people like Obamacare has much more to do with lack of knowledge on the topic than actual agreement with Democrats. This is because the poor have coverage under Obamacare, though they also had access to various welfare plans before, so for them little has changed. As long as they were covered (which if one is working hard or gravely ill is not unreasonable) then they really did not think too much more about it. The real problem arose for everyone who was NOT poor, mainly because the Affordable Care Act made them so!

This happened for the same reason that most big government programs fail and/or end up costing a fortune; federal meddling beyond Constitutional barriers. By playing doctor, Uncle Sam has invaded the pocketbooks of everyone by catering to the drug and insurance companies.. He also made sure that coverage rates went up to heights never seen before, while the actual coverage was never worse. This is the federal government in action, ladies and gentlemen, giving less for more money. Painfully typical in every way.

Users gave Pelosi just what she wanted. However, these replies showed the true pain of Obamacare. Users said, “costs went through the roof,” “My costs have sky rocketed under Obamacare. Out of pocket almost twice what paid pre-Ocare,” and some just said, “it is not working.” One of the most powerful quotes that really sums up what most of those feel read as follows: “Please get rid of #ACA! It is financially devastating to us in the middle class! We need to care for our families!” Users actually implored, almost on hands and knees, for her to let the Republicans abolish the terrible legislation.


Pelosi has stood by Obamacare even as it has failed millions upon million of people.

The watered down version of what the president wanted for TrumpCare isn’t exactly making too many people on either side very happy either. However, it does eliminate the hated fines and is said to lower costs at least a bit. The federal government does almost nothing well on a grand scale. If anyone is waiting for this to work really well, it isn’t going to. Social Security, border control, fiat money manipulation, and more are all examples of government failures. For some unknown reason, America thought that the way to fix the growing problem of uninsured people was to put Obama in charge. Of all of the available solutions, using the federal government to solve the problem was the single worst option on the table. Their track record proves this.

The Congressional Budget Office says that, according to the Free Beacon, “the Republican bill intending to replace Obamacare, the American Health Care Act, would reduce the federal deficit by $337 billion over 10 years.”  This is certainly good news, but as long as the feds are driving, are we getting anywhere? If costs go from “way too high” down to “too high,” then no progress is being made. Things will still be worse than they were before Obama tinkered with the idea. This is a woeful occurrence because the problem that sparked it all was that not enough people could see a doctor. Now thanks to Obamacare, even less people can see one because they can’t pay the deductibles or co-pays.


When Pelosi was trying to ramrod Obamacare through she said that we had to pass it before we read it. Now that shoe is on the other foot, she says that we have to read it before we pass it.

Sadly, there are better ways to do this should D.C. remain in charge. For instance, if the price of everything (bread, cars, toilet paper, Hillary Clinton dartboards etc.) went up only a few cents, no one would ever have to pay health insurance again. The debate about electives and abortions would be forever in the debate, but the leg breaks, angle twists, and bouts of illness would be covered. Everyone buys something, so this is a system that would fairly spread the costs out among everyone. Even those on welfare and government assistance would be paying some of it back every time that they went shopping. This means that even they would be paying to help. Of all of the systems out there, this would be the most logical one to implement.

This was not chosen by Congress because it leaves little room for lobbyists or insurance companies to get their foot in the door and their hand in our pockets. Doing it that way does not allow drug manufacturers billions of dollars in profits and trips to the finest resorts in the world. New cancer drugs, medicines that slow AIDS, etc. are things that the government is allowing to be held over our heads. We are like hostages under them, and if we dare complain then we can easily be executed by medical access denial. “Pay or die”, they say, and pay what they want while doing it. Pelosi should have seen this coming.


A majority of Americans hate Obamacare, something that Pelosi found out when she asked about it.