Pelosi Messed Up

PUBLISHED: 8:53 AM 13 May 2018
UPDATED: 8:10 PM 13 May 2018

Pelosi Accidentally Outs Herself Approving ‘Torture’ Interrogation

She knew about the torture and approved it before Haspel did.

Contrary to what she now implies, Nancy Pelosi (pictured) knew all along.

As Gina Haspel sits poised to become “the first female director of the Central Intelligence Agency,” it seems like Democrats should be delighted, but they are not. Haspel was subjected to “intense questioning during a confirmation hearing Wednesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee,” according to the Conservative Tribune, especially by so-called feminists who should be thrilled at the historic move.

Haspel admittedly knew about waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques during her time in counter-terrorism after the Twin Tower attacks. When asked if she would bring back the techniques which were banned as “torture” in 2015, she promised that she wouldn’t. Yet, that wasn’t enough for some democrats. One in particular made a complete fool of herself (not new) by claiming that anyone who knew about such techniques was not fit to hold office.

The real kicker is that the Washington Free Beacon revealed that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi knew about the interrogation techniques before Haspel. Pelosi’s own vile hate has trapped her with her own words.

The stammering Democrat was one of only four Congressional members “who were given a virtual tour of the rendition facilities and interrogation techniques that would be used to obtain invaluable information from detained terrorists.” This stands in stark contrast to the view Pelosi apparently now holds. In fact, she approved the techniques.

However, Pelosi did not quit her job in protest nor leak the data obtained to the media when she had the chance. Where was her moral outrage then?

For that matter, Pelosi knew about the practices even before Haspel did. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) was told by Haspel that “about a year into its existence,” select members of Congress had been told and Pelosi was one of them.

Haspel added under oath, “I was told that interrogation experts had designed the program, that the highest legal authority in the United States had approved it, and that the president of the United States had approved it as well as trusted leadership at the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Matthew Continetti of the Washington Free Beacon summed up what is happening with Haspel better than anyone, writing, “This is not really about Gina Haspel, or interrogations … It is about Donald Trump. It is about the reflexive Democratic strategy of opposing and delaying his nominees.

Continetti observed, “There have been more cloture votes during the Trump administration than during the previous four administration’s combined. More than 150 nominations are pending in committee, and 98 are pending on the Senate calendar. The Democrats aren’t serious about diligence. What they want is to cater to the prejudices of their base.

Most people have zero problem with an interrogation technique that does very little physical harm. Waterboarding simply creates the panic and fear required. And, if would save the lives of American citizens, what’s the problem?

Rather than must admit that America did it felt it needed to do based on the terror attack that killed over 3,000 people, Nancy Pelosi wants to pretend that she is on some high horse which she never really mounted.

Now that it has been exposed, perhaps Haspel can take the post that she has rightly earned.