Pedo Ringleader Dead

PUBLISHED: 6:32 PM 7 Jan 2019

Pedophile Ringleader Beaten To Death After One Month In Jail

The leader of an international child exploitation ring was savagely beaten to death after one month in jail, which fulfilled the prophesy of one of his victims.

At Milan Federal Prison, a convicted child predator didn't last one month before fellow inmates murdered him.

Christian Maire was convicted of leading an international ring of pedophile perverts in December. However, he didn’t make it more than a month in prison before being beaten to death by fellow inmates.

Interestingly, one of his victims predicted his fate.

The married father-of-two from Binghamton was sentenced to 40 years in prison after the FBI discovered he was the mastermind behind the Internet gang dubbed “The Bored Group.”

Maire and his eight fellow monsters posed as adolescent boys on teenage dating sites. There, investigators learned, they convinced young girls to strip, masturbate and perform other sex acts on webcams.

They even lured some of their victims to cut themselves for their sick pleasure.

At his sentencing, a female victim stated, “He’s gonna get the hell beat out of him.” She was right.

At the federal prison in Milan, Michigan, other incarcerated criminals attacked him on Friday. The beating was so vicious that Maire died at an undisclosed hospital a few hours later.

The prison fight left four injured, including two guards, and according to officials, one of the men involved had a ‘shiv,’ which is a homemade knife.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is investigating Maire’s death as a homicide and his lawyer is calling his death a ‘tragedy.’

“It’s a horrible tragedy and it seems something like this should have been able to be avoided,” Mark Kriger told the Detroit News.

Many people have a very hard time seeing that point of view.

Maire was a well-educated New Yorker, and co-founder of a computer graphics company. Officials believe the stabbing attack was deliberate.

According to Milan prison spokesman Dan Clore, one of the injured inmates is Michal Figura, 36, an IT specialist at the University of Pennsylvania, who was also a member of the child sex ring.

Maire, Figura, and at least five other members of the ‘Bored Group’ are incarcerated at the Milan Federal Prison, which has raised concerns for their ‘safety.’

Figura’s lawyer declined comment Friday.

Clore said the altercation involved seven prisoners and took place in a housing unit. He said staff immediately responded to the area, and two staff members sustained minor injuries while separating the group.

Clore explained the Federal Bureau of Investigation is treating the incident as a homicide.

The group exploited both infants and other children, as well as teens.

“I’ve shattered so many lives,” Maire told U.S. District Judge Stephen Murphy during his sentencing. “I never thought I could sink this low. I apologize to all of my victims. I took advantage of your youth and trust and put my own selfishness above your dignity.”

Although some argue the attack “illustrates the danger faced by pedophiles and perpetrators of sex crimes behind bars,” others could really care less.

Even hardened criminals recognize the heinous nature of the crimes these monsters commit, and many people argue that the justice system is too lenient on predators.