PUBLISHED: 9:09 PM 4 Dec 2017

BREAKING: Peaceful Steinle Protest Becomes Dangerous As Police Bow To Antifa Demands

Richard Spencer pictured with the scarf, is credited with coining the term Alt-Right.

Richard Spencer, pictured with the scarf, is credited with coining the term Alt-Right.

Antifa and the Alt-Right had a standoff in front of the White House in the wake of the Kate Steinle murder verdict. An illegal alien shot, and killed, Kate Steinle in the back as she walked down San Francisco’s Pier 14 with her father. Zarate, the killer, was a seven-time felon, who has previously been deported from the United States five times.

San Francisco, the sanctuary city Zarate was tried in, does not comply with federal immigration authorities, and has policies to protect illegal aliens at the expense of Americans.

The protest in Washington D.C. drew two opposing factions, the Alt-Right, and Antifa. The Alt-Right had approximately 25 members in attendance while Antifa had approximately 50. The two groups were separated by police who formed a line between them. This was a stark contrast to the way law enforcement behaved at a Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville where officers stood down and allowed mayhem to ensue.

The clash in Washington D.C. was brief. Members of the Alt-Right chanted “Build Kate’s wall,” referring to a Trump campaign promise to build a “big beautiful wall” on our southern border, which may have prevented Zarate from entering into the country. Speakers from the Alt-right included, Mathew Heimbach, Mike Enoch and Richard Spencer. Antifa chanted in return “No Nazi’s, No KKK, No Fascist U.S.A.” and “Off our streets Nazi scum.” The protest was relatively short and concluded peacefully with each party going their separate ways.

Antifa is a group of radical left wing anti-free speech activist who often resort to violence to promote their cause and shut down free speech. Antifa stands for anti-fascist, and this group advocates for shutting down speakers they believe are engaged in “hate speech”, a term Antifa define as views and ideas they finds offensive. The activist group advocates for government censorship of speech as a cornerstone for its policy objectives.

Antifa often dress in all black and cover their faces with masks, they are sometimes referred to as the “black bloc.” A Diablo Valley College Professor and Antifa member, Eric Clanton, smashed a peaceful protestor in the head with a bike lock when the protestor voiced opinions contrary to Clanton’s beliefs.

At University of California Berkeley, Antifa smashed windows and set fires when Milo Yiannopoulos was holding a speech on campus. The same university spent almost 600,000$ on security when another speaker, Ben Shapiro, was invited to come speak to conservatives on campus. Neither Shapiro nor Yiannopoulos are associated with the Alt-right.

This is the typical uniform of Antifa, the anti-free speech activist group. This chaos is their reaction to Milo Yiannopoulos speaking at University of California Berkeley.

The Alt-Right is an activist group that promotes the interests of whites in America, although similar groups have been spawned across Europe as well. The group advocates for policies such as freedom of association for Americans and strict immigration policies. Richard Spencer is considered a leader of the movement and credited with coining the term Alt-Right. Its members hold a wide variety of political views, however, all of them agree on the need to promote white interest and advocate for some form of white nationalism in the United States.

The Alt-Right are often well dressed during rallies donning suits, polos and other variations of more formal attire. They held a famous event in Virginia the night before the Unite the Right Rally, hundreds gathered with tiki torches and marched on the University of Virginia to protest the removal of a Thomas Jefferson Statue. They chanted slogans such as “One people, One Nation, End Immigration,” “You will not replace us,” and “Blood and soil.”

This is an Alt-Right protest against the removal of a Thomas Jefferson statue. Many of the marchers wore white polos and khakis.

Antifa has a long history of violence and anti-free speech activism in the United States. A petition on the, government website, was created to get the Trump administration to “Formally recognize Antifa as a terrorist organization.” 365,498 Americans signed the petition, well beyond the goal of 100,000 needed by September 16, 2017.

A petition was also added to the government website, asking congress to declare the Alt-Right a terrorist organization. In total the petition has gathered 1500 signatures, which is far short of its modest goal of 2500. The petition also calls for members of the Alt-Right to be stripped of their freedom of speech.

The not guilty murder verdict of an illegal alien who shot Kate Steinle has caused the gap between the two political parties to widen as tensions rise.