PUBLISHED: 10:14 PM 12 Jan 2017

Payback: Trump’s Sting Operation A Success, CIA Working Against Him To Disrupt Democracy

Trump Exposes The Dangerous Lies of a Vindictive CIA Mole

Trump Exposes The Dangerous Lies of a Vindictive CIA Mole

Trump Exposes The Dangerous Lies of a Vindictive CIA Mole

The unholy alliance that has formed between some in the U.S. intelligence community, and the mainstream liberal media, was laid bare this week when one final attempt was made on Trump’s political life.

With just over a week to go before the presidential inauguration, his enemies have become desperate, throwing fistfuls of mud at the wall in hopes something will stick.

The latest attack comes in the form of a highly dubious dossier that was made public this week. The papers are allegedly part of a blackmail file, gathered by the Russian government to use against Trump.

These files were so suspicious that as they were shopped around to major pro-Hillary newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post, throughout the summer of 2016, they were flatly rejected as fake news. As eager as these rags were to run anything that would damage Trump, they couldn’t run the dossier story because it was completely lacking in evidence to support its wild claims.

A key link in this Trump frame-up is Arizona Senator John McCain. The spurned presidential hopeful has decided that if he’s going to be hated by such large numbers of Republicans, he may as well earn it, which is why McCain passed the files off to the FBI after he was supposedly sent copies by a shadowy British spy.

McCain and Graham Sabotaging Party In Revenge For Dashed Presidential Aspirations

If the story sounds too fantastical for real life, it’s because it is. By all accounts, the papers are a total fabrication, designed to hurt Trump’s presidency before it even begins, by linking him to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For the Neocons and their Democrat allies, the goal is two-fold. They wish to delegitimize Trump’s presidency in order to make it more difficult for him to proceed with plans to ‘drain the swamp’.

Equally important to them, is that they get their war against Russia which they have promised to deliver to their paymasters in the Military Industrial Complex.

Planting the false idea that Trump and Putin are conspiring together neatly accomplishes both goals. All they have to do is drag along the war-weary public, by using outrageous propaganda and repeating it across the major networks ad infinitum.

In this case, the phony claims against Trump never should have been leaked to the press. A serious crime was committed by whoever went to reporters with the dossier.

The President, and President-elect is entitled to a daily intelligence briefing on high-level matters. The briefing is presented by top officials from the nation’s 17 different spy agencies.

Obviously, the daily intelligence briefing between the President, and the CIA/NSA/DHS, is highly classified. Analysis from these briefs helps to inform top-level national policy, including military strategy. It is an irresponsible breach of national security to leak the content of these meetings to the press.

Is Clapper Out To Get President Trump? If So, Why?

During Wednesday’s press conference, the President-elect was visibly irritated at the fact that the so-called Russian dossier had been leaked to the mainstream press.

Taking questions from the press gaggle, Trump was repeatedly hammered with reference to the leaked papers and the Russian hacking allegations. While Trump wanted to keep it positive, and talk about the economy, it became clear that reporters had been sent to the conference to focus on this singular topic.

An exasperated Trump once again denied any connection to Russia, and dismissed as absurd the idea that Russian agents were able to get dirt on him during a Moscow hotel room stay.

He explained that he is highly conscious of being secretly videotaped and recorded in bugged hotel rooms, and he has always warned his staff against engaging in activities that they wouldn’t want to see plastered on the evening news.

Besides, Trump quipped, “I can tell you I am very much a germophobe” in reference to the allegations of Russian prostitutes hired to dance for the real estate mogul.

After taking several more questions related to the Russian hacking scandal, Trump shared a story that raised eyebrows throughout the room.

He expressed his disappointment that intelligence briefings continued to be leaked to reporters.

“Well, I think it’s pretty sad when intelligence reports get leaked out to the press. I think it’s pretty sad. First of all, it’s illegal. You know, these are — these are classified and certified meetings and reports,” he said.

In an effort to sniff out the mole, he devised a basic test that would reveal if anyone in his organization had been responsible for the leaks.

He said that he scheduled an intelligence briefing without telling anyone on his large staff of advisors and assistants. He joked that he hadn’t even told his long-time executive assistant, Rhona.

Trump explained:

“I’ll tell you what does happen. I have many meetings with intelligence. And every time I meet, people are reading about it. Somebody’s leaking it out. So, there’s — maybe it’s my office. Maybe in my office because I have a lot of people, a lot of great people. Maybe it’s them. And what I did is I said I won’t tell anybody. I’m going to have a meeting and I won’t tell anybody about my meeting with intelligence.

And what happened is I had my meeting. Nobody knew, not even Rhona, my executive assistant for years, she didn’t know — I didn’t tell her. Nobody knew. The meeting was had, the meeting was over, they left. And immediately the word got out that I had a meeting.”

The strong implication is that a senior member of the U.S. intelligence community is responsible for leaking contents of the daily briefings to a reporter in the mainstream press. If true, this shocking allegation would reveal a internecine vendetta at the highest levels of our government. It’s a truly frightening prospect.

“So, I don’t want that — I don’t want that. It’s very unfair to the country. It’s very unfair to our country; what’s happened'” continued Trump.

The dossier has been thoroughly discredited in the hours following its release, but the damage to Trump’s reputation has already been done. And if the rift between Trump’s White House and the CIA continues to grow, we could all suffer the terrible consequences.