Ryan Rejects Wall Funding

PUBLISHED: 6:17 PM 20 Mar 2018

Paul Ryan’s Spending Bill Funds Planned Parenthood, Sanctuary Cities – But Not Trump’s Wall

Ryan's spending bill funds liberal entities but not Trump's border wall.

Ryan's spending bill funds Sanctuary Cities and Planned Parenthood but not Trump's proposed border wall.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s spending bill is a wish-list for democrats and gives nothing to President Donald Trump, according to Politico.

Not only did democrats refuse a short-term “patch” to protect Dreamers, GOP leaders are accepting a liberal spending bill as the Friday deadline looms.

Ryan is not only expected to usher the largest spending bill in U.S. history through the House, his package doesn’t include any funding for Trump’s proposed wall along the southern border.

While refusing to allocate any funding for the border wall, Ryan’s spending bill includes full funding for Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities who harbor illegal immigrants.

Congressional leaders are scurrying to pass a whopping $1.3 trillion spending bill.

Over the weekend, Trump told GOP leaders to include a short-term measure protecting Dreamers from deportation for 2.5 years in exchange for $25 billion in funding for the wall.

Democrats — whose votes are needed to pass a spending bill — passed on the idea, and spineless republicans don’t appear prepared to fight for what Trump wants.

Ryan and GOP lawmakers are simply caving to democrats.

Republicans refusing to include funding for Trump’s border wall come less than a week after the president visited California to view wall prototypes.

During his trip, Trump spoke about the need to secure the border, prevent illegals from entering the country, and slash the flow of drugs into the U.S.

The wall is very important to many Americans who want the country protected from all threats.

But GOP lawmakers don’t appear interested in the wall or Trump’s goal of securing the border, otherwise, funding would have been included in the spending bill.

Ryan and company appear content with giving democrats everything they want while turning their backs on Trump and the Americans people.

This is exactly why so many support removing establishment politicians from the D.C. swamp.