Ryan In Trouble

PUBLISHED: 7:25 PM 21 Jun 2018

Paul Ryan Meets Rage As Freedom Caucus Blasts Immigration Plan

Meadows put his finger in Ryan's face.

Democrats refuse to find a solution to border security, and have forced a government shutdown.

Anger ovver immigration took place as Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) verbally attacked “lame duck” Speaker of House, Paul Ryan who is retiring. Breitbart News has even verified the outbursts by showing tweets from Twitter user Jake Sherman that reads like a play by play. RINO Ryan heard again and again that Meadows said, “I’m done.

Meadows is part of the Freedom Caucus, which has been fighting the amnesty plans of moderate republicans and democrats in the House.

Mark Meadows and Paul Ryan are in a very heated discussion in the middle of the house floor,” Sherman tweeted. “Meadows is furious. Just walked over to his members — the freedom caucus — and signaled that he was done. I’m not sure what they’re pissed about — ask @MEPFuller — but I would expect fireworks tomorrow.”

Ryan’s plan seems like an effort to infuriate conservatives so that the November voters will be disgusted and not show up. The Freedom Caucus stands with Mr. Trump and his base.

Meadows even put his finger in Ryan’s face as the anger spewed for all to see. The Representative from North Carolina also said it “doesn’t matter anymore” and “I’m done” as Ryan’s amnesty bill looks to be in grave danger.

Besides saying “I’m done, I’m done,” Meadows also exclaimed, “I’ll sign the damn discharge petition I don’t care anymore,” according to Matt Fuller’s tweets on the matter.

What caused the whole explosion? It seems that Ryan “lied to House GOP members and the president about what is in the bills being voted on Thursday,” a fib that went over like a lead ball.

The Speaker of the House may yet be removed by other G.O.P. members. It should be recalled that Meadows is one of the people who brought former Speaker Boehner down. He now seems to have had his fill of Ryan, as have many other Republicans.

There are a lot of people opposing what America voted for and what President Donald Trump endorses, which is anything but amnesty. President Ronald Reagan went the amnesty route and it was one of the few black eye moments of his 8 years.

People on the left tend to forget that. If amnesty is granted, then all of those who are now citizens get at least minimum wage. So what does this do? It creates a new need for MORE illegals because it is cheaper.

Therefore, Ryan’s plan is meeting with rage for a reason.

As he heads out the door (or is more aptly thrown out by his ear), very few people are going to miss him very much.