Large Number Of Prisoners Converting

PUBLISHED: 12:42 AM 15 Feb 2018

Pastor Forced From Prison Job As Inmates Convert To Islam

The Muslim religious leader at the prison said the Christian man was “too extreme.”

Prisons are radicalizing young men who enter with petty crimes.

The HM Prison Brixton Christian Chaplin has been dismissed for having “extreme Christian views.” He says that during his time there, prisoners were being forced to convert to Islam by threats from gangs.

Pastor Paul Song, 48, believes that even peaceful men need to become Muslim for protection and to lead a peaceful life. Some of the prisoners reported to him that they were forced through violence. This is not a peaceful process.

Song has been removed because of supposed accusations of misconduct, including an inmate who called him a “terrorist.” Despite his 20 year career and denials of any wrongdoing, he was dismissed without real proof. Song rightfully believes he is being discriminated against because he is a Christian.

The managing Chaplain Imam Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed said that Pastor Song was teaching “radical” courses, and that is Christian beliefs were “extreme.”

The Imam accused him of being extreme. The persecution of this evangelical Pastor is not supported by any facts that have been reported by credible witnesses. Perhaps there should be a neutral, secular appointee to oversee the management of the religious leaders in prison.

Song stated, “They were terrible to me in prison. I was hit on the back by Muslim prisoners. But I was a police officer in Seoul, I can get over this.” His bravery has not been rewarded with kindness or fairness.

Nevertheless, the systematic replacement of Christianity with Islam is evident throughout Europe. The leadership continues to forward Marxist sentiments towards Christian beliefs, creating a hostile environment.

The divisive nature of the current political climate is a problem for Americans, too. College campuses continue to be a place where whites and Christians are isolated and treated poorly.

No whites allowed events and groups are becoming more commonplace. When did it become alright to discriminate and be openly racist? The problem in the prison is more extreme but is still related in principle.

In 2015, The Prison Officer’s Association reported that non-Muslims were being forced to pay for protection. The British jails are also increasingly becoming potential terrorist recruitment and training grounds.

The radicalization of prisoners, many who are young men who commit petty crimes, is creating a new extremism. There will likely be more reports of dismissals of veteran prison chaplains and Christian Pastors, who are targeted by inmates.

Radical Islamic militant inmates are a problem for many countries, where prisons fail to identify “high-risk” prisoners who recruit other inmates. The religion is not compatible with intellectual freedom or opposing views in general.

However prevalent radical terrorist inmates are, overpopulation contributes to a problem which could be prevented by separating these offenders from the general population.

Forced conversion to Islam is not isolated to prisons or the European Union. It is creeping into public institutions everywhere. One American school was recently sued for assigning videos that “call for the conversion of seventh-grade students.”

One of the videos was a cartoon of children reciting Islamic propaganda, designed to appeal to small children. The issue at hand is that the videos were mandatory for students in the class.

One New Jersey mother has filed a federal lawsuit against school officials for forcing her son to watch Islamic conversion videos. She claims that he has been traumatized, likely because children his age are easily confused and require parental supervision.

The video is said to present the religious teachings of Islam as facts, not beliefs. It also reportedly details the gruesome slaughtering of Christians and Jews as “infidels.”

Lawyers familiar with the case are asking what would happen if American public schools taught that Christianity was the true faith.

The opposite conversion of Muslims into Christians is a different story. Former Muslim educator and educator, Emir Caner, has converted and is now the President of Truett McConnell University. He points out that Muslim converts are to be killed, according to Muhammad’s own words.

Caner states, “Seventy-five percent of Muslims who become Christian go back to being Muslim, because of the pressures of family, pressures of other things and — to be honest with you — because churches don’t know how to disciple Muslims.”

The persecution of Pastor Song is a serious matter that reveals a systemic problem that needs to be addressed directly. Young children and inmates who are attempting to find rehabilitation should live free from fear and isolation. No reports about Song’s tenure describe what exactly an extreme Christian belief is, or what he actually believes. It is likely not the violent beliefs of a central figure, which tells his followers to kill.