Shooting Motive Revealed

PUBLISHED: 6:55 PM 31 May 2018

Parkland School Shooter Showcases Motive In Shocking Video

He said that they would "know" him for what he did.

The latest school shooting, as with so many before, showed that there are similar motives, and that a desire to be infamous seems to be shared among most such killers.

The young man who shot up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s motivations may have finally been revealed, and it sounds like what he said backs up what many on the right have said about mass shootings. It also seems like a confirmation of the opinions of law enforcement experts going back nearly 20 years.

According to his own account, including a YouTube video, the Parkland, Florida shooter wanted to be famous. It also appeared that he wanted his former classmates to ‘know his rath,’ as is seen in the video below. The leftist media helped him to accomplish both objectives.

In a YouTube video, the murderer said multiple times that ‘they’ would all ‘know’ him for what he was going to do. He made multiple statements about how he would be remembered. He also said that when people saw him on the news, they would “all know who I am.”

He said that from the ‘rath’ of his ‘power,’ “they will know who I am.”

The maniac added that people in the country “will all know what my name is.” Sure, those may be the words of a young man who was bullied, and who felt completely ignored by the people around him.

However, they’re also the words of an individual who knew that, when he killed 17 of his classmates on Valentine’s Day, the leftist mainstream media, and leftist politicians, would make him famous.

He knew that there would be constant television coverage from leftist pundits talking about him. His name would be used to push for all sorts of new laws, from strengthening Florida’s ‘red flag’ measures to attempting to ban common and popular rifles across the country.

That sadistic shooter knew that the simplest way to gain immortality was to kill his classmates.

He’s not the first killer to realize that, either, or to suggest that their actions were, in part, due to a desire to be ‘known.’

The individual who shot up Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, appeared to be, at least in part, motivated by his desire to outdo a European murderer who gunned down more than three hundred unsuspecting victims, and managed to kill 77 in Norway.

Indeed, according to two experts briefed on the Newtown shooter, it seems that he wanted to ‘beat’ the Norwegian shooter’s death toll.

They also suggested that he chose his target entirely because it was the “easiest target” and offered the “largest cluster” of unarmed people for him to prey upon.

According to Dr. William Reid, a state-appointed psychiatrist who provided the sanity evaluation for the orange-haired shooter who opened fire at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, he also sought fame in his actions.

The psychiatrist said that this violent individual planned his shooting and chose his target, even considering minute details, in order to maximize the number of victims he could harm.

Like the Newtown killer, the Aurora theater gunman hoped to gain some amount of notoriety for his actions.

Both of these shooters carefully planned their violent episodes in order to maximize the carnage they could inflict. According to most experts, the mentally ill individuals who generally carry out these kinds of attacks plan them for no less than six months, and in some cases can plan them for years.

According to research by Dr. John Lott, the goal of ‘gaining’ media attention is something that school shooters and other mass shooters have in common with Islamic terrorists.

Criminologists and mental health professionals around the country, along with a number of politicians, have suggested for years that most of these mass murderers might be seeking infamy or notoriety with their actions.

As this is the case, it seems that the steps taken by many on the right who report on such atrocities were completely correct. People like Ben Shapiro were taking the right steps by outright refusing to name the people who open fire on unarmed citizens.

Meanwhile, the left-wing media sees every mass shooting, every school massacre, as another chance for them to profit.

They invoke the name of the criminal in order to get people to tune in out of a sick fascination, and use the name of the shooter to push for legislation to limit gun rights to law-abiding citizens.

The left-leaning mainstream media profits immensely from making these people famous, when all it would take to avoid providing these violent individuals what they want is perhaps not to turn a school shooting into two months’ worth of news, or to decline to list their names and show pictures of their face.

Of course, that would make it much harder for them to profit off of the emotions of worried parents. But, like the leftists say when trying to ban common and popular rifles, if it will save lives, isn’t it worth it?