Hypocritical Hogg?

PUBLISHED: 8:48 PM 22 Jun 2018

Parkland Activist Sighted With Possible Armed Security

Hogg did not deny being protected by armed bodyguards.

Gun control 'activist' David Hogg fights against the right to bear arms yet was recently seen beside two men who appear to be armed security guards.

Following the Parkland shooting, several surviving students became self-proclaimed gun control ‘activists,’ including Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg. Hogg especially took advantage of the newfound fame in joining the leftist fight against the second amendment.

While these young liberals continue to insist that Americans do not need guns for protection, recently circulated photos of Hogg and seemingly armed bodyguards are raising speculations that Hogg takes advantage of second amendment protections himself. Considering that liberals are the ultimate hypocrites, it is entirely possible.

On Wednesday, Twitter user Sean Di Somma captured photos of Hogg in New York City, New York which he posted to his account.

In the photos, Hogg can be seen beside two official-looking men who appear to be bodyguards. In taking a closer look, one can see what appears to be the bulge of a concealed handgun.

While the men were not confirmed to be associated with Hogg, they remained alert and positioned themselves close to him in all of the pictures.

Taking note of this, @SeanDiSomma and others have assumed this indicates that Hogg was protected by armed security.

Di Somma captioned the post, “Here’s @davidhogg111 in NYC today with armed guards and a bunch of publicists. #NeverAgain #Hypocrites.”

In several photos, Hogg can be seen standing on a New York street and sidewalk, wearing a grey jacket and earbuds, presenting the illusion that he is an important person.

In several photos he is seen conversing with several locals and reporters, likely speaking ill of the Constitution, veterans, or American flag.

Yet in some of the images, he appears completely disinterested in communicating with the small crowd, further showing that he does not truly care about his fellow citizens’ safety and is simply seeking the attention.

Assuring that he remains in the spotlight as long as possible, Hogg, alongside his sister, Lauren Hogg, published a book detailing their experience during the school shooting.

Social media users commented on the recent photos, expressing their disgust that Hogg is just another liberal celebrity who opposes guns and the second amendment, yet hides behind armed security.

Such logic implies that only certain classes of people should be allowed to be armed or protected, interesting since liberals constantly fight for complete equality.

Admittedly, Hogg could be in danger if unarmed, considering how many Americans despise him. Yet that protection, of course, extends to all law-abiding citizens.

However, the average civilian is typically limited to providing one’s own defense and cannot regularly hire bodyguards to ensure their safety.

Given that Hogg is only recently a high school graduate, he surely lacks the financial means to hire such security for a low-profile event.

This has many who believe the men were armed noting that Hogg would have required outside funding to afford their services. Given that the leftist media appears to be feeding young gun control activists lines and lies to be their pawns, hiring security to protect Hogg is not above them.

He is undeniably vital to the gun-grabbing effort and must remain safe, a liberal admission that guns save lives.

However, it has yet to be confirmed whether or not Hogg was indeed protected by armed security.

This has naturally caused the left to suggest that the photos represent a fake news story about Hogg being armed.

However, Hogg’s response to Di Somma suspiciously indicates that he was protected by guns at the time the photo was taken.

Hogg replied to the accusation by only saying, “Love you too.”

The Twitter users momentarily bickered with Di Somma claiming that Hogg became an activist for the notoriety and potential financial gain.

Hogg outrageously fired back, claiming to be ‘pro-second amendment.’

That, along with the fact that he did not deny being surrounded by guards with guns, unofficially confirms that the men were armed. A true gun control advocate would have denied the photos.

This illustrates that while liberals attempt to be gun-grabbing activists, they are much better hypocrites.

Most recently, they have been crying out about illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents while ripping fetuses out of their mothers’ wombs.

Of course, such hypocrisy would extend to gun control, as politicians hand pick who should be rightfully armed and who is undeserving.

Hogg is no different than these officials in terms of corruptness.

Given Hoggs’ and fellow liberals’ history, it is safe to assume that the men in the photos were armed security guards assigned to protect the young face of the gun control movement.