Zoo Mad House Escape

PUBLISHED: 3:31 AM 27 Jan 2018

Paris Zoo Goers Fled In Fear From 50 Baboons

The Creatures Are “Stronger Than Us"

The baboons scared zoo goers, but they have all been captured.

Liberals and those who know little about animals worked to drive the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily Circus out of business. This was a heartbreak to many, but it won’t stop there. The PETA crowd would be more than happy to close every zoo in the world, too. As fate would have it, some critters seem to have more fun clearly the crowds themselves.

There was a lot of monkey business happening at the Paris Zoological Park as attendees were “evacuated from the popular attraction after members of its baboon population escaped from their enclosure,” Fox News reports. The Guardian confirms that this was quite a jailbreak with “approximately 50 baboons” having made their escape.

The baboons were gathering around what is called the “centerpiece” of the zoo, “the Grand Rocher, or ‘Big Rock.‘” No one knows if the animals were “staking claim” to the area or “simply checking out the rest of their digs.”

Not since Marcon beat Le Pen in the last presidential race has Paris seen more needless chaos, and to some, the sight was rather amusing.

Four of the baboons remain at large, according to zookeepers. Zoo spokesman Jerome Munier has confirmed that “sedative arrows” are to be used on those naughty monkeys. That is wisdom that many wanted to see the last time that a mishap like this led to an animal’s death, as the Conservative Daily Post showed at the time.

At least, if they can’t keep a lid on these animals, the French are not shooting them any longer.

Needless to say, the park is remaining closed until all of the baboons have been captured.The police were called in to help remove everyone safely from the zoo when the breach happened, reports have confirmed. This is because, as workers have said, the animals are “stronger than us.”

This tale may add fuel to the fire of the killjoys who embrace the left’s push to close such exhibits, but really, no harm was done. It may be in the best interest of French animal handlers to engineer better enclosures, though, since this seems to be an issue for them.

When this whole thing comes to an end and the monkeys still at large are again housed properly, many visitors will surely flock to the baboon enclosure to take a look at the clever animals.

They had better be careful, though. In Paris, the animals might just decide to get a little too close.

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