Paris Revolution 2.0

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 3 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 6:00 PM 3 Dec 2018

Paris Still Burns: Police Demand ‘Army Reinforcements’ To Control Chaos

In the second week of protests, the carnage and violence intensified in Paris as ‘yellow vests’ ran amok in the city streets and police were exhausted and asked for army reinforcements.

Violent demonstrations continued in Paris on Saturday causing hundreds of serious injuries and the police to demand army reinforcements. (Image credit: AP)

In what protestors call the ‘start of a revolution,’ Paris was engulfed in flames and tear gas for a second weekend. Police were overwhelmed and called for “army reinforcements.”

Angered over rising fuel costs, the people of France demand that Emmanuel Macron resign, and that the ‘green initiatives’ responsible for the outrageous costs be eliminated.

Yves Lefebvre, a member of the Unité SGP police union, told reporters that forces were drained by the worst riots in the city since 1968.

He said, “The (officers) don’t want to remain as the last rampart against insurrection. We can’t take it – I call on the president to face up to his responsibilities.”

The “yellow vest” movement, named after the high-visibility jackets all motorists are forced to carry in France, warned they would return to the capital next weekend, and authorities fear a real overthrow of power.

Online calls to block roads and oil refineries accompanied the demonstrations.

Frederic Lagache, of the Alliance police union, called for a state of emergency to be called and for “army reinforcements” to be posted around national monuments.

However, such a move wouold allow security forces to raid the homes of suspected protestors and stop and search anyone on the street.

French leader Emmanuel Macron summoned his senior ministers and policy chiefs to an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss the chaos in the city, after viewing the vandalized Arc de Triomphe.

Michel Delpuech, chief of the city’s police, said that central Paris had been overwhelmed “by violence of unprecedented gravity, at a level not reached in recent decades,” The Times reported.

He said the mobile gendarmerie and CRS riot police had failed to stop the unrest.

Macron reportedly told Christophe Castaner, the interior minister, to “adapt the methods used for maintaining order,” whatever that means, but has firmly stated that he will not give in.

Burnt out cars littered the streets of the French capital, and more than 400 people were arrested.

Reports have indicated the CRS, the French riot police, used “grenades” to gain control of the Parisian streets. Up to 130 serious injuries have been reported as the police countered with water cannon, tear gas and bloody baton charges.

“We are studying all the procedures that would allow us to be more secure. I’m prepared to look at everything,” Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said.

A government spokesman said it was “out of the question that each weekend becomes a meeting or ritual for violence,” but apparently there is no plan to address the ridiculous increases on the people.

Sixteen identity check points and police barricades were set up on the Champs Elysees for the first time in its history, but the planning was an utter failure.

There were 4,000 police on duty in central Paris, but they were completely overwhelmed as the movement intensifies.

Speaking from the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Macron said there would be “no possibility” of his government backing down on the green initiatives, which are responsible for the massive hike in prices.

“Fires and plumes of tear gas engulfed the city after more than 5,000 demonstrators brought chaos to its streets.”

Some members are blaming political activists on both sides, but many people recognize that these demonstrations do not have their root in politics.

Like the first bloody French Revolution, the people are being bled dry by their rulers, and that in fact may be the reason why these protests are increasing in intensity, rather than dissipating.