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PUBLISHED: 7:06 PM 24 Aug 2018

Paris Puts Echo Urinals In The Open As A Foul Practice Takes Hold

The migrant take-over is so bad, Paris has become one giant bathroom.

The streets of Paris are becoming an open outhouse.

WARNING: This article contains truncated vulgarities which may be offensive to some readers. 

In Paris, France, the problem of refugees and others urinating in the street has become a massive problem, hurting tourism. Rather than re-evaluating the status quo, NBC 4 Washington is reporting that echo toilets are appearing in the open. In other words, there is nothing being done (such as placing offenders under arrest) to stop the disgusting act of open urination in the city of the Eifel Tower.

Rather than using common sense, open-air bathroom breaks are being normalized as “bright red eco-toilets for those on the go” are now all over the city. This essentially makes the town a giant outdoor urinal, or as President Donald Trump has said, “a sh*thole.” After unveiling the new pee boxes, many people expressed mixed results.

Doesn’t anyone see what this means? Men can unzip their pants in public and urinate in front of anyone. Paris is a giant toilet.

Designer Faltazi had dubbed the waterless urinal “Uritrottoir.” They are filled with a straw that is disposable and “the urinals double as flower beds.

To some people, this would imply that there isn’t enough space for all of the migrants who European Union Leader Angela Merkel has allowed to swarm into the continent. It could also be a sign that the migrants are making the West bow to the whims and practices of those arriving from the Middle East, often to the peril of common sense and sanitation.

The New York Times first wrote about these urinals in the Spring, back when they first started to pop up. Not much was said until “one was recently installed on the picturesque Ile St. Louis,” according to N.P.R. This shows the mindset of the elite which seems to say, “it is fine for this to happen in poor neighborhoods, but we are too good for it here.”

Then again, since the urinals have pictures showing how they are used also displayed by the new monstrosities, the imagery of the city has certainly changed.

The mayor has said they are “fine-tuning” the placement of these things (likely to silence the rich people from griping too much more) but that they are needed to halt public urination.

America isn’t being much smarter when dealing with the problem of public urination. NBC Bay Area has reported that “San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to install an open-air urinal in 2016 with the ‘pissoir’ that city authorities placed in Dolores Park in 2016.”

It is interesting to note that many people recognize the problems in California are an extension of illegal alien migration and the fact that the city has allowed the common person to be priced out of affordable housing.

Obviously, Paris cannot arrest the 300,000 migrants taking over their city.

Clearly, these are problems that need to be addressed. However, if the solution is going to be something like Paris is seeing, perhaps it is time to bring common sense back into the equation.