Paris Is Burning

PUBLISHED: 9:16 PM 1 May 2018

Paris Communists Burn City As Rioters Take Over Streets

They call themselves ‘anti-capitalists’ and wear hoods to cover themselves.

Paris burns as communism shows it's real face.

The first of May is an infamous holiday for communists and leftists. As Antifa and other groups have shown, that often is synonymous with violence, and Paris, France, is no exception, as The Sun has just reported.

It has been confirmed that anarchists wearing masks “have smashed windows and looted a McDonald’s as thousands brought carnage to Paris” in May Day ‘protests’ turned to chaos.  Petrol bombs were thrown through windows and cars were set aflame as police clashed with the rioters. Bricks were also seen being hurled with great malice.

Rocks have been hurled at officers who replied by lobbing tear gas. Once again, “International Workers’ Day” has taken a violent tone and the actions are following suit.

Masked men are seen senselessly setting the popular fast food restaurant on fire as “anti-capitalists” stole beverages and food from the establishment. Somehow, setting people’s cars on fire is supposed to be some mark of solidarity with the average worker, even though it may be that very worker who now has no car.

Basically, this ‘holiday’ is an excuse to rampage.

Protesters who threw bottles were a problem for authorities and “Soviet Suprem” (French spelling) t-shirts were worn by some of the mob. Fireworks and smoke bombs turned the sky ashen gray and black as the chaos reigns in France. This is the face of communism in 2018.

It is not only a French problem, however.

As if history never happened, some of those present “marched through Trafalgar Square holding up pictures of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin,” too. The Russian leader was one of the most barbaric butchers of the 20th century, yet he is their hero.

The demonstration was organized by leftist groups known as “United Voices of the World” and “the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain.” They stood against “industrial disputes over pay, hours, union recognition, and outsourcing.” The fact is that President Donald Trump has shown how to remain a capitalist while opposing outsourcing, yet these groups are too dedicated to their cause to listen and to learn.

Workers from “Picturehouse, cleaners at the Ministry of Justice campaigning for the London living wage, and cleaners from King’s College” all took part in the protesting.

Istanbul, South Korea, the Philippines, and even Seattle are also seeing problems, but it is France that is on fire and burning with abandon. It seems that what communists could not gain at the ballot box they are trying to gain by sheer intimidation.