Cuomo Order Terrifies

PUBLISHED: 3:28 PM 13 Sep 2018

Parents Warned About Cuomo Executive Order As NY Election Draws Near

Cuomo’s order has made it possible for criminals who are currently out on parole to now vote in elections.

Parents in New York were recently warned that an executive order signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) makes it possible for convicted criminals out on parole to vote in the upcoming elections (pictured above).

Earlier this year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) signed an extremely controversial executive order to allow roughly 24,000 sex-offenders, pedophiles, and other criminals who are currently out on parole to vote in elections, including the upcoming primary election later next week.

Numerous parents throughout New York have since reportedly been warned that the executive order, quite terrifyingly, makes it possible for the multitude of convicted criminals to legally come onto local school campuses after 7 PM to place their votes, which is something that many would agree is absolutely sick and wrong.In fact, some officials argue that the entire fiasco encourages criminals to further break the law by permitting sex offenders to enter school grounds. 

According to reports, Gov. Cuomo’s executive order reinstating the voting ability of thousands of convicts was signed by him back in May.

In addition to letting criminals vote, the executive order also reportedly included a “special condition” making it possible for parolees to use polling stations on school campuses, but only if they have permission to do so from an administrator at the school and their parole officer.

Moreover, the executive order made it clear that these criminals “may only enter upon the school grounds after 7 p.m. on the date of the election and not remain in or loiter around the school grounds once the voting process is completed.”

Basically, this means that countless children attending after-school activities will be put at risk on election day so that people who broke the law can vote to change it.

Unsurprisingly, Cuomo’s executive order left numerous people extremely concerned.

“I think parents need to be aware of it, school administrators need to be aware of it, and election officials need to be aware of it, and remove kids from after-school and athletic activities,” explained Assemblyman Ray Walter (R-Amherst), who’s one of the lawmakers actively warning parents about the upcoming election, while speaking to reporters about the matter.

Chris Moss, who is the current sheriff of Chemung County, added, “we’re going to alert the public that Gov. Cuomo’s new policy will allow sexual predators in the schools after 7 p.m. on Election Day There are student activities in our school up until 9 p.m.”  

The executive order also infuriated a significant amount of people, including GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro. Specifically, in response to the signing of the executive order, Molinaro asserted that the governor was potentially “putting thousands of students at risk by rushing through the pardons.”

Additionally, he noted that Gov. Cuomo appeared to be encouraging others to break the law.

“This governor is encouraging sex offenders to break the law, which might actually violate their parole agreements,” reasoned Molinaro, who claimed that under his reading of the law, sex offenders cannot vote at polling places at schools because they are prohibited from entering them.

“If Andrew Cuomo really wanted to, he could have addressed this issue legislatively, but in typical fashion, he tried to govern by fiat and made a total mess of the situation,” he added.

By saying this, Molinaro was essentially claiming that regardless of what Cuomo’s order says, it would still be illegal for parolees to come onto school campuses, which means that those who do so could be placed under arrest.

In response to Molinaro concerns, Richard Azzopardi, who is a spokesperson for Cuomo, accused the GOP candidate of scaremongering.  

“It’s pathetic that not only is Molinaro trying to fearmonger for political gain, he does it while also showing that he has no idea what he’s talking about,” asserted Azzopardi, adding, “the truth is, the governor’s action put New York on par with 16 other states — liberal and conservative — that restore voting rights to the formerly incarcerated and do so in the way that’s exactly prescribed by law.”  

Alarmingly, Cuomo’s executive order, which many people think is absolutely ludicrous, is not the only controversial policy recently that has been promoted by the authoritarian left.

Several weeks ago, for example, California representatives reportedly voted to approve a bill, known as “Senate Bill 1250 (SB 1250),” that would, if Governor Jerry Brown (D) ultimately ends up signing it into law, basically make it easier for lawmakers to live outside of the districts they represent.

And before that, liberal New York city officials introduced a policy to let people select a third category, called “X,” on their official birth certificate if they do not supposedly identify as either female or male.

To make matters worse, the proposed measure would also reportedly remove the current rule requiring a medical professional to fill out a recommendation stating that the change would be a more accurate reflection of the individual’s gender identity.

New York City Councilman Peter Koo (D-Queens) also recently introduced what numerous people have recognized as an utterly absurd piece of legislation. Specifically, the lawmaker proposed a bill to ban people from smoking a cigarette while walking along the sidewalk. If someone refuses to stand still while smoking, then they would, under the authoritarian policy, reportedly be fined approximately $50.  

Just prior to that, Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) introduced an updated gun control measure, known as “The Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act,” that would, if passed, increase taxes on cartridges and shells from 11 percent to 50 percent and taxes on and revolvers and pistols from 10 percent to 20 percent.   

And before that, democratic lawmakers in California voted to pass a health care law, known as “SB 320,” making it a requirement for every health care center on a California State University and University of California campus to supply students with controversial abortion medication if they ask.