Drag Storytime

PUBLISHED: 7:47 PM 11 Jun 2018

Parents Outraged Over Drag Demonstration At Children’s Museum

Despite the community’s disgust, the museum will hold the event to celebrate Pride month.

The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA announced a drag queen event geared towards children ages six months to seven years.

Gay culture is controversial in itself; yet when it comes to liberals pushing their ‘gay agenda,’ on children, that is an entirely different scenario. This is the case in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where a children’s museum announced that it will celebrate Gay Pride Month by inviting drag queens to lead storytime for children from ages “six months through seven years.”

The Please Touch Museum in the Fairmont Park neighborhood announced that it would be holding the Pride Family Festival, which had many parents understandably appalled.

Of course, it claims to be doing so in order to foster a more open-minded generation of children. Yet the decision to hold such an event even drew the attention of religious groups convinced that this type of societal behavior is indicative of the beginning of the end of time.

Led by cross-dresser Ian Morrison, known as personality ‘Brittany Lynn,’ the Drag Queen Storytime is said to be “the main event” of the celebration and will also feature ‘Miss Aurora.’

The men will hold “four half-hour sessions through the day” and, unsurprisingly, they will read liberal stories covering topics such as bullying, accepting one’s self, imaginary friends, and, of course, gay culture 101.

One of the reading materials, This Day in June, covers more than any child needs or wants to know about the lifestyle, including the lesbian motorcycle association, Dykes on Bikes, and terms such as ‘leather daddy,’ a specified dominatrix term.

Upon releasing this information, the Please Touch Museum began receiving an appropriate amount of backlash considering the content.

Concerned parents and members of the community took to the museum’s Facebook page to express their disgust.

Some simply called it “very inappropriate,” while another even said “What kind of nut ship is this?” and continued, “My grandchildren know nothing about this and I don’t want them to. This is disgusting.”

Pastor of the Brandywine Baptist Church learned of the museum’s plan to celebrate Pride Month and made the issue his “cause-of-the-week.”

In an online streaming sermon, he said, “that God will soon judge the wicked people of the Earth.”

Other parents who once took their children to the museum indicated that they would never do so again based on the content it decided to expose visitors too. This is unfortunate for the community considering that a formerly much-loved destination yet has tainted its image so that it can advocate for equality one month out of the year.

This begs the question as to why they museum would even hold such an event considering that its target audience is infants to school-age children.

Of course, the museum and its guests in drag have defended such supposed hatred, saying that children of this age should be exposed to such controversial themes.

“I get choked up when I look out and see these parents exposing their children to different lifestyles,” Morrison said.

However, neither ‘Brittany Lynn’ nor ‘Miss Aurora’ are suitable role models for young children.

One mother learned of this with a simple Internet search that revealed footage of both drag queens partaking in ‘foul, vulgar, and disgusting’ acts.

That same mother voiced her concern that allowing demonstrations such a Drag Queen Storytime “normalize[es] things like transgenderism, transsexualism, and homosexuality.”

It absolutely does, as the children who could be exposed to the event are at a highly impressionable age and often replicate behaviors that they see.

Liberals such as Morrison argue that it is for this reason that he and other advocates are trying to reach young children who’s “brains are like sponges.” He continued to argue that “This generation of parents wants their kids to be open-minded.”

Being open-minded is one thing; however, those with such an agenda are failing to acknowledge the underlying sexual nature that is the gay community. Some argue that children should learn about LGBT lifestyles to ensure that they will not be culture shocked upon seeing their first gay person.

However, to even consider introducing children to topics such as being gay or transgender before they have learned even basic sex education is highly disturbing and can even be considered a form of grooming as it desensitizes youth to sexual themes, making them more susceptible to sexual assault.

Unfortunately, the company’s CEO, Trish Wellenbach, indicated that the drag event will occur despite the community’s recent horror.

She continued in liberal fashion that the purpose of the activity is “to reflect the city in which we reside and the communities that we serve,” continuing that “the Please Touch Museum celebrates Pride just like it also celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day and Muslim holy day, Eid al-Fitr.”

Wellenbach said that “this is our new normal,” so parents can take that into consideration upon bringing their children to its events.

If Drag Queen Storytime is the type of event which is being held, then the museum can expect decreasing attendance as it displays that it cares more for gays than children.