Liberal Education Goes Too Far

PUBLISHED: 11:53 PM 14 Feb 2018

Parents’ Outrage Causes District To Reconsider Alternative Education For Middle-Schoolers

The Planned Parenthood program covers graphic details irrelevant to standard reproduction education.

Planned Parenthood tried to push its agenda on middle school students, to which parents objected.

Sex education in schools is a sensitive subject, as approaches for teaching adolescents about reproduction vary depending on the values of the institution.

However, one school district was about to take liberal sex ed to an entirely inappropriate level until parents objected and administrators were forced to listen, and halt the plans for the abortion chain, Planned Parenthood to lead such discussions in nine schools with a program called “Get Real.”

Last October, the Cumberland County School District in North Carolina announced that it would be replacing the middle school sex ed curriculum, used since 2009, with one provided by Planned Parenthood.

As expected, parents of the sixth- through eighth-graders had major reservations about the new program, concerned that the liberal, pro-abortion company would be pushing controversial agendas regarding topics such as sexuality and contraception.

The school defended its decision to plan to use the Planned Parenthood curriculum in a letter sent to parents, written by former Cumberland County Schools Superintendent, Frank Till, revealing the new sex education plan. Claiming that it will reduce unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, it outlined topics which were to be covered over a ten-day program, including several titled ‘sexual identity,’ and ‘deciding about sexual behavior.’

The district continues that parents will be provided with all associated materials prior to the sex ed course and may opt to have their children excused from any specific lesson or the program entirely. However, parents were not pleased with that compromise; Rob Wingo called it “morally, ethically, and spiritually wrong on all accounts.”

The curriculum’s creator, Jen Slonaker claims that the Get Real program is “designed to delay sex and increase correct and consistent use of protection when a person becomes sexually active.” However, previous sex ed programs by the abortion chain prove otherwise.

Employees of the liberal company have previously been caught teaching young adults about controversial and sometimes dangerous sexual behaviors, including “sado-masochistic sexual activities including gagging, whipping, asphyxiation, shopping at sex stores, and viewing pornography.”

The spokesperson for SHIFT NC, Elizabeth Finley praises the program for the topics it addressed, complaining that typical sex ed courses do not cover LGBT issues, thus leaving out some students.

This type of information is absolutely unnecessary for pubescent individuals and provides no value in developing sexually responsible individuals. Sex ed is meant to inform, not inspire.

Conversely, Planned Parenthood has gone as far as publishing a booklet titled “Healthy, Happy, and Hot,” which encourages HIV-positive individuals to hide their status, claiming such withholding a “human right,” when it is illegal and immoral.

Tainting its reputation further, Planned Parenthood defended its sexual education resources, boasting that it has “‘age appropriate’ sex education” materials available for children as young as four.

Parents considered all the information surrounding Planned Parenthood and have been openly opposing the curriculum update since its revelation. They formed a committee to vote to have the 2009 curriculum remain in place and opt to not have their children taught by Planned Parenthood, collecting over 1,800 signatures.

Forced to respond, the Cumberland County Board of Education voted on Tuesday to halt implementing the program, to the relief of concerned parents.

Surprisingly, considering its controversial nature, the Get Real program is currently implemented in 31 states “and reaches more than 221,00 students.”

The parents who were opposed to the new curriculum are validated in their concerns, as the program is admittedly too graphic for middle-schoolers. It covers the ‘hows’ of having sex in excessive details, including how to put on a condom and acquire emergency contraception.

Per the concern regarding resources for potentially gay students, the topic is admittedly sensitive and one that should be addressed outside of school. More importantly, the material is presented to students who, for the most part, have yet to engage in sexual activities, and may not be sure of their own sexuality. To provide too much information would further confuse young students who are still trying to process all of the other material presented in sex ed.

Most importantly, the Get Real program is controversial, curriculum aside, being that it is designed by Planned Parenthood, a widely-known abortion provider. It is contradictory to teach students about how to not get pregnant or catch diseases, while also standing behind an organization that can provide a service if a pregnancy occurs.

Even pro-abortion advocates may agree that the procedure should only be performed when absolutely medically necessary, however allowing the chain to teach America’s youth about sex normalizes the barbaric practice.

Working together, the North Carolina community stopped Planned Parenthood’s efforts at least for a moment, further defending the right to life.

Pro-life evangelical leader Franklin Graham supported the parents who prevented the liberal agenda from entering their children’s classrooms, saying “Good for these parents!”