PUBLISHED: 5:42 PM 4 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 10:58 PM 4 Dec 2017

Parents Make Shocking Discovery Heading To Funeral As Doctor Takes Fall

Max Hospital (pictured), where care is quite costly, declared a viable baby boy dead.

Max Hospital (pictured), where care is quite costly, declared a viable baby boy dead.

Many readers will recall the story of the woman who woke up screaming at the morgue when she was being readied for her own wake. This Fox News story kept more than one person up at night as the nightmarish tale led many to ask how, in this day and age, something like this could still happen.

MSN News reports that a pair of doctors at India’s Max Hospital have been fired “for mistakenly declaring a newborn dead.” Worst of all, the parents found out about the error while they were on the way to the funeral for the unfortunate newborn.

It is said that private healthcare in India is quite costly and this has raised concerns about the quality of care that is given, and with good reason.

Max Hospital said in a statement, “this strict action has been taken on the basis of our initial discussions with experts. While the inquiry by the expert group which includes external experts from Indian Medical Association is still in process, we have decided to terminate the services of the two treating doctors.”

The government itself is also looking into the matter as the community is outraged by the oversight. Parents noticed “one of the babies squirming inside the plastic bag that doctors placed the infants in.” The other brother was a stillborn and pronounced dead upon delivery. It seems that second child was just given up on and assumed also dead.

The boy was actually placed in the burial bag with his dead twin and no one with any medical authority was able to detect it!

The family hurried back to the hospital and were informed that their baby was still alive.

Something terrible is happening within the medical industry in India. Only last month, a mother was overcharged after her daughter died of dengue fever. “Negligent care” was sighted as the reason for the outcome in that case, as well.

What is happening (or not happening) in India’s hospitals?

There seems to be a great amount of disrespect for even infants as more and more medical facilities are in what seems to be a tremendous hurry to see as many people as possible in order to rake in as much money as they can.

Meanwhile, those who are most dependent on care are left out in the cold (or in this case, ushered off to their own funeral still breathing) with virtually no one in the hospital even noticing.

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