Parents Angry Over Teacher Misspelling

PUBLISHED: 12:37 AM 2 Feb 2018

Parents Furious With Teacher After He Misspells Clinton’s Name On Child’s Hero Letter

Talk about a ridiculous complaint.

The family did not find the "joke" funny which intentionally spelled Hillary Clinton's name incorrectly.

A complaint on behalf of a liberal family is being taken seriously after a teacher played a harmless prank. Benjamin Attinger who teaches at Shikellamy Middle School in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, reportedly told a sixth-grade student that the correct way to spell the former Presidential Candidate and Secretary of State’s name is “Hiliar,” emphasis on ‘liar.’ The student’s family was however furious.

The sixth-grader, Mary Reinard, for some reason considers former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton her hero, and wanted to write her a letter after hearing a rumor that Clinton could speak “to the dead.” Reinard has a deceased baby sister whom she wanted to try to communicate with, and Clinton previously claimed to speak with Eleanor Roosevelt and other deceased historical figures as a form of “therapeutic release.”

Attinger admitted that when asked, he dictated the spelling “Hiliar Rodman Clinton” in helping Reinard address the envelope. The prank was discovered when Reinard took the envelope home where her stepmother Shannon noticed the misprint.

She and Mary’s father, Shawn Reinard, were infuriated and decided to take up the issue with the school over the teacher’s political views trying to influence their daughter.

Shannon suggested that the teacher write his own letter to Clinton expressing his feelings about her dishonesty, however, she said, “Don’t channel it through my 11-year-old-daughter.”

Attinger followed up with the concerned parents and explained that it was a harmless joke, but he took responsibility for his actions and sincerely apologized.

He continued that the “liar” accusation was about Clinton not being verified to have psychic abilities to communicate with the dead, as he had previously tried to tell eleven-year-old Mary. It was not intended to hint at any of Clinton’s politics.

While the prank was innocent, Mary’s parents convinced her of what horrors might have ensued had she sent the letter without noticing the misspelling.

“I wouldn’t have been able to go to school for a week,” claimed the preteen who should not worry about such matters, despite her parents’ political preferences.

Shawn Reinard admitted that even though he did not vote for either candidate, he leaned toward President Trump and initially found the envelope’s spelling humorous.

The father, however, “changed his tune after seeing his daughter’s anger,” likely originating from her stepmother, and later claimed that Mary’s teacher had failed her. Ironically, Mrs. Reinard voted for Clinton in the presidential election.

On Tuesday, Attinger, the upset family, and the Shikellamy School District Superintendent Brett Misavage held a conference to discuss the event. Attinger apologized once again to Mary, who accepted, but the family was still not satisfied, demanding a “public apology.”

The series of events is ridiculous, as it was a classroom incident that the family is trying to go viral with. Considering that a fair majority of educators are Democrats, it is safe to say that if the situation was reversed and a Republican official was made fun of, the news would have never left the school.

Even more hypocritical is that while the parents are upset that Attinger instigated a political conversation, it appears that it was they who discovered the error and pointed it out to Mary, who then became upset with her teacher.

Had they truly wanted to ‘support’ their daughter in trying to contact medium Clinton, Mary’s parents would have allowed the letter to be mailed as it; it likely would have reached the destination. Attinger helped Mary in providing the correct address.

If Attinger wanted to prevent his student from exchanging correspondence with Clinton, all he would have had to do was intentionally alter the address he provided her.

The school has yet to release a statement about the teacher’s alleged ‘misconduct’ that Mary’s parents found so offensive, likely because of its pettiness.

In remaining neutral and standing up for one of its own as it should in this circumstance, the school has not indicated that it will require the teacher to make the ‘public apology’ being demanded of him.

It appears that the school wishes to move forward from the incident, seeing it as harmless. Had Mary’s parents not overreacted, it could have been a teachable moment in seeing other opinions and learning to be tolerant of them.

However, the situation arguably was a learning experience for young Mary in that it showed her firsthand the how liberals deal with conflict and that being of the political left is a reason to expect to have the last word in a disagreement. By modeling their extreme reactions to the typo, Mary’s parents are raising her to be a true Democrat.