Opt-Out Forbidden

PUBLISHED: 7:48 PM 25 Feb 2019

Parents Forbidden To ‘Opt-Out’ Of Transgender ‘Education For 5-Year-Olds

The forced education will not allow parents to excuse their children from learning about the perverted practices.

Under new provisions for 'no outsiders,' five-year-olds will be forcibly taught about gay and transgender 'relationships.'

Starting at the age of five, English students in primary schools will be forced to learn about gay and transgender relationships.

The lessons are compulsory, and parents have been stripped of their ability to remove their kids from the perverted indoctrination.

“The new curriculum will bring an end of parents’ right to opt their children out of sex and relationships education classes in secondary school.”

Children are guaranteed to receive at least a term of lessons by the time they are 16. So, they will learn how gay and transgender sexual acts are performed. The move has infuriated parents, especially the Muslim community.

The lessons will include the damage caused by female genital mutilation, a barbaric practice still carried out even in some places in the United States.

“Sexting, online grooming, domestic violence and forced marriage will also be put under the spotlight.”

More than 300 parents and children gathered in a demonstration to protest against lessons on homosexuality and gender in the United Kingdom.

The outrage of the Muslim community has almost shamed Christians, many people argue, because they have allowed it to come to this.

“Muslim demonstrators said they would rather leave the UK than allow their children to continue attending Parkfield Community School in Birmingham, West Midlands.

“Parents’ anger is aimed at the school’s assistant head Andrew Moffat, who is behind the ‘No Outsiders’ lessons. He created the scheme to teach children about the Equality Act and British values.

“Pupils at the school have five of these lessons a year, covering areas outlined in the Act: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.”

However, there is little doubt that the new requirements will be instituted.

Yet, more than 100,000 people have objected to the sex and relationships curriculum, so the issue will be debated in Parliament.

Many people ask how did it come to the point that 5-year-old children will be told that there is no gender and that any unnatural relationship they pursue will be accepted and included in the ‘no outsiders’ ideal?