Second Trump Spy?

PUBLISHED: 4:16 PM 21 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 5:51 PM 21 Aug 2018

Papadopoulos Says He Was Paid $10k From Foreign National He Believed Was A Spy

Mueller revealed that George Papadopoulos received a $10,000 cash payment from a man that the former Trump aide believed was a spy.

Was there a second spy in the Trump administration?

A memo filed on Friday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller notes that former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos reported that he received a mysterious $10,000 cash payment from an Israeli man that he believed to be a spy, according to The Daily Caller. Papadopoulos, who Mueller has recommended spend up to six months in jail for allegedly lying to the FBI, said he believes a spy approached him during the 2016 presidential election. The revelation comes a few months after it was revealed the FBI reportedly used Stefan Halper as an informant to speak with Carter Page, another Trump campaign aide, in 2016.

On the last page of Mueller’s memo, the special counsel reports that Papadopoulos told investigators that he received $10,000 in cash from a foreign national who he suspected was a foreign spy. He said he gave the money to his lawyer, and asked that they speak with federal officials. The man Papadopoulos was referring to has reportedly been identified as Israeli American businessman Charles Tawil. As noted by The Federalist, the FBI and Mueller’s team arguing Papadopoulos’ alleged lies prevented the bureau from questioning or arresting Joseph Mifsud proves they are either incompetent or not very good at lying, because the timing doesn’t add up.

“The defendant provided information about $10,000 in cash he received from a foreign national whom he believed was likely an intelligence officer of a foreign country (other than Russia),” the court filing stated, which also recommends Papadopoulos pay a fine of between $500 and $9,500.

“The defendant has stated that he kept that money in a safe pending his sentencing in this case and Counsel for the defendant has consented to the imposition of this fine amount,” it continued.

Mueller’s memo does not mention Tawil, but The DC reports that the Israeli American businessman gave Papadopoulos $10,000 in cash in 2017. Papadopoulos reportedly gave the money to a lawyer and was arrested in July 2017 when trying to board a flight back to the U.S.

It’s not clear what the cash was for, or if it was part of an agreement to carry out a legal business or consulting. But as noted by The Federalist, Papadopoulos has been charged for lying to the FBI about his connections to Mifsud, a professor who spoke with the former Trump aide in 2016 about academic work.

Papadopoulos has stated that Mifsud took an unusual interest in speaking to and working with him after he returned from a trip to Russia. He said Mifsud told him in mid-2016 that the Russians had obtained “dirt” on then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

This has led many to believe that Mifsud could have been an informant for the FBI and was allegedly trying to entrap Papadopoulos with the “dirt” he claimed Russia had on Clinton. Mifsud also has vague connections to Tawil through various business connections, though it doesn’t appear to be detailed in Mueller’s filings.

This information, coupled with theories that there could have been more than one spy approaching President Donald Trump‘s campaign with bogus claims of having “dirt” from Russia on Clinton, comes a few months after it was revealed that the FBI used Halper to engage with Trump official Page in early-to-mid 2016.

As noted by Conservative Daily Post, Halper is believed to be an FBI informant who met with Papadopolous and former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer at a bar in London in 2016. Halper brought Downer to meet Papadopolous to discuss an “academic paper” they wanted to write together.

However, evidence suggests Halper and Downer were trying to set up Papadopolous by allegedly offering him connections to Russians who claimed to have “dirt” on Clinton.

The entire Russia probe was reportedly launched either right before or soon after Papadopolous and Page were approached by Mifsud, Tawil, and Halper.

There has been zero charges brought against Trump, and it would appear that there was more than one attempt to use spies to entrap Trump aides during the election.