Migrant Ship Revoked

PUBLISHED: 3:36 PM 25 Sep 2018

Panama Officials Spark Outrage After Revoking Mediterranean “Rescue” Ship

The country’s officials recently announced that they would be cutting ties with the last private rescue ship operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Panama Officials recently revoked the registration of a private rescue ship suspected of helping migrants from Africa cross the Mediterranean Sea and enter Europe (pictured above).

Just recently, authorities in Panama reportedly acted against what many agree is a migrant invasion into Europe and finally revoked the registration of the last private rescue ship suspected of helping people from Africa cross the Mediterranean Sea.

Unsurprisingly, shortly after doing so, countless leftist groups promptly condemned their actions and screamed that their decision basically amounted to a “death sentence” for hundreds of individuals crossing the water. Yet, many other people reasonably ask why those ‘migrants’ don’t legally apply for residency. 

Specifically, shortly after the Panamanian officials revoked the registration for a Mediterranean search-and-rescue ship known as “Aquarius,” liberals with the rescue group SOS Mediterranee and the medical group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) released a joint statement expressing outrage and concern over the authorities’ decision.

“SOS Mediterranee and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) are reeling from the announcement by the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) that it has been forced to revoke the registration of the search and rescue ship Aquarius, under blatant economic and political pressure from the Italian government,” began the liberal organizations in their statement.

By saying this, they appeared to be suggesting that officials in Italy supposedly played a role in Panama’s decision to revoke the registration of the ship, which was believed to be making it easier for migrants to enter Italy and other European countries.

On Twitter, however, Matteo Salvini, who’s the Italian interior minister, emphatically denied influencing the decision on the grounds that he didn’t even know Panama’s area code.

“This announcement condemns hundreds of men, women and children who are desperate to reach safety to a watery grave, and deals a major blow to the life-saving humanitarian mission of the Aquarius, the only remaining non-governmental search and rescue vessel in the Central Mediterranean,” continued the leftists before demanding that the European governments allow the ship to continue its mission.

“SOS Mediterranee and [MSF] strongly denounce the actions as further proof of the extent to which the Italian government is willing to go to, knowing that the only consequence is that people will continue to die at sea and that no witnesses will be present to count the dead,” they explained.  

Basically, the liberals appear to be holding Italy responsible for Panama’s decision to revoke Aquarius’ registration. Since Salvini made it clear that they had nothing to do with the decision, though, many would agree that the leftists’ reasoning in their statement is utterly ridiculous because one country’s actions are not proof that another country cares less about people or is okay with them dying at sea.

“European leaders appear to have no qualms implementing increasingly abusive and vicious tactics that serve their own political interests at the expense of human lives,” added Karline Kleijer, who’s MSF’s head of emergencies, in the same statement. 

“For the past two years, European leaders have claimed that people should not die at sea, but at the same time they have pursued dangerous and ill-informed policies that have brought the humanitarian crisis in the Central Mediterranean and in Libya to new lows,” continued Kleijer.

“This tragedy has to end, but that can only happen if EU governments allow the Aquarius and other search and rescue vessels to continue providing lifesaving assistance and bearing witness where it is so desperately needed,” she added.

As of now, the Aquarius ship must find another country that will let it register. If not, then they won’t be able to continue their so-called rescue missions, which means that there would be much less of an incentive for people to leave their homes in Africa to try and cross the water into Europe. 

Although Salvini has denied pressuring Panama to cut their ties with the rescue ship, the decision came a few months after Salvini reportedly attempted to stop two rescue ships operated by Mission Lifeline from dropping off over two hundred people who were supposedly rescued off of the coast of Libya.

“Foreign NGO boats will never touch Italian soil again,” reasoned Salvini, who subsequently called for the ships to them to send the people back to Africa instead.

“They provide an incentive and encouragement for the departure of the death boats,” he added, noting, “[they] will only see Italy on a postcard.”

Despite Salvini’s efforts, however, the ships were still ultimately able to enter the country’s ports and unload the migrants, even though doing so could potentially endanger the lives of countless Italian residents since it is not entirely uncommon for immigrants to harm others. Upon docking at the country’s ports, though, the government promptly seized the ships as part of an investigation into illegal immigration. 

For example, a couple of months ago, a previously-deported 30-year-old asylum seeker in Belgium who had been banned from the country for six years was sentenced to a total of four years behind bars for purportedly abducting a 19-year-old mentally disabled woman and then and then repeatedly raping over three days. Apparently, he abducted her in an attempt to get her pregnant with an “anchor baby.”

A just before that, a 19-year-old migrant who entered the United Kingdom (UK) by pretending to be an asylum seeker, was purportedly found guilty of raping a young schoolgirl. As a consequence, he was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison.

Several days before that in Canada, three Afghan immigrants, 58-year-old Mohammad Shafia, his 41-year-old wife Tooba Yahya, and their 20-year-old son Hamed, were apparently found guilty of “honor killing” four of their other family members and. If any of them are ever released, then they will reportedly be deported out of the country.

Prior to that, an unidentified 23-year-old Afghan asylum seeker was reportedly arrested for allegedly attacking four different people during a violent stabbing spree that he blamed on drugs and being in a “bad mood.”

And before that, a 41-year-old refugee from Syria was purportedly placed under arrest by law enforcement officials in Germany for allegedly killing his 37-year-old wife by stabbing her “four or five times in the neck” because she supposedly wanted to divorce him for someone else.