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Gorsuch Shocks Trump Supporters During Hearing, Says The Democratic Policy Is A “Settled” Matter


President Donald Trump has been accused of being so far right that he was a “deplorable” example of America’s greed. He is a rich man, and a man who is said to have hated people of color, for instance. Sure, one of his first picks for his cabinet was a black man, and he had spent the whole run with a mixed race female spokesperson named Katrina Pierson, but that meant nothing. At least it meant nothing to the left who were warning women, blacks, Latino’s and even homosexuals to “dump Trump”. As with blacks and women, Trump had already...

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Trump FDA Pick Under Fire, Fox News Report Shows Connections To Big Pharma Companies


The White House announced Friday the new nominee to lead the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Scott Gottlieb has been unofficially selected, Fox News reports. Gottlieb is a physician and a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Gottlieb served as deputy commissioner of the FDA under President George W. Bush. Since leaving his post in 2007, he was a board member to at least nine pharmaceutical or medical technology companies. One of those included a seven year stint as a consultant to the product investment board at pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline–a $100 billion dollar corporation responsible for most of the...

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Economic Terrorism: Liberals Now Banding Together To Launch Attacks At New Found Weakness


“Let’s boycott things we can’t afford! That’ll show Trump!” Supply: Is there a lot or a little of X? Demand: Do people want X enough to pay for it? As I’m sure you know, these two forces are at the heart of the free market: the law of supply and demand. Or, the law of Having and Wanting. If X is rare, people will pay more to get it. Sometimes people do want X, but they can’t afford it. But what if the people who can afford X suddenly stop buying it? Then the demand for X drops,and so...

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This Man Is Stepping Up, His ENTIRE Peer Group Just Disowned Him


Just when we thought that CEOs from major tech companies were coming together to do anything they can to stop Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States, this story emerges and restores faith in some of America’s leaders in big business. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the company, PayPal. You might use it for all different purposes. You might even have an account. Well, just last night, PayPal’s CEO, Peter Thiel, came out publicly in support of The Donald’s Presidential run. Peter Thiel   Though you might be familiar with his company, you may...

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