PA Democrat Broke Law

PUBLISHED: 11:19 PM 12 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 11:44 AM 14 Mar 2018

PA Democrat Accused Of Violating Finance Law On Eve Of Crucial Election

Conor Lamb accused of violating campaign finance laws.

Lamb accused for campaign finance reform.

A conservative group is alleging Pennsylvania U.S. House candidate Democrat Conor Lamb broke the law by unlawfully coordinating with outside groups, according to the Western Journal.

The pro-Trump super PAC filed a Federal Election Commission complaint on Monday claiming the liberal “law and order” candidate unlawfully coordinated with liberal groups during the election.

Lamb is facing off against Republican Rick Saccone in the hotly contested special election in the 18th congressional district.

In the complaint, the Committee to Defend the President asserts Lamb signed his signature on several emails for the liberal super PAC End Citizens United.

The far-left group, using Lamb’s signature, directed recipients to several different fundraising pages soliciting contributions that had nothing to do with Lamb’s campaign.

If Lamb is guilty, it means he violated FEC anti-coordination provisions that forbid PACs and political campaigns from engaging with one another during an election cycle.

“Despite touting his experience as a former Assistant United States Attorney to win votes, Conor Lamb’s dedication to law and order apparently ends when the law poses an obstacle to campaign fundraising,” said Committee to Defend the President attorney Peter Mangini.

He added: “Lamb’s desperate bid to bolster his flailing campaign through a last-minute fundraising appeal not only violates federal campaign finance law but also reminds Pennsylvanians that he is the wrong man for the job.”

Aside from the complaint, the race in Pennsylvania has gained national headlines as a precursor to the November midterm elections.

With democrats trying to take back the House of Representatives, they are heavily banking on Lamb winning the seat.

The Democratic Party has also outspent the GOP during the time period: $2.9 million to roughly $600,000.

President Donald Trump also traveled to Pennsylvania on Saturday, where he held a boisterous rally to galvanize the base to vote for Saccone.

“Rick is going to vote for us all the time,” Trump said. “(Lamb) is trying to act like a republican. He won’t give me one vote.”

He added: “Here’s the problem: As soon as he (Lamb) gets in, he’s not going to vote for us.”

With the election taking place Tuesday night, and the polls dead even, it’s unclear what happens next with the complaint.

But one can be certain that if Lamb’s campaign broke the law, it should undoubtedly be subjected to a full investigation — whether he wins or loses the election.