Forensic Audit Coming?

PUBLISHED: 5:59 PM 17 Sep 2021

PA Authorizes Subpoenas Over Election Rig, One Step Closer To Real Forensic Audit

These subpoenas are another step, but many people argue that the voting system must be fixed by 2022, otherwise, they’ll be no return without a massive move by God.

Voter fraud is real, and used in every election. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Pennsylvania just got another step closer to a full forensic audit of the election rig.

Citizen Free Press explained:

Pennsylvania GOP authorizes subpoenas in election probe

Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate took another step toward an Arizona-style forensic audit when they voted Wednesday to authorize subpoenas for personal information on every voter around the commonwealth.

The state Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee voted to authorize 17 subpoenas, seeking information from Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration that includes partial Social Security numbers, driver’s license information, how each voter cast a ballot and when those voters last cast a ballot.

The move is the latest step toward what Pennsylvania Republicans call a “forensic audit” into the 2020 election results, part of a broader trend of Republican-controlled legislatures seeking to examine the results.

In introducing the hearing, committee Chairman Cris Dush (R) said the review was necessary because of questions over whether improper votes had been cast.

In a statement, Wolf condemned what he said was a Republican effort to undermine confidence in the American electoral system, at a cost of millions of taxpayer dollars.

“Let’s be very clear, this information request is merely another step to undermine democracy, confidence in our elections and to capitulate to Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. It is a direct continuation of the same lies that resulted in the attack on the Capitol, and that have done so much to destabilize our political institutions over the ten months since last year’s election,” Wolf said. “We badly need Republicans to take election security seriously and stop playing games for political gain.”

One county that did allow access by state legislators already faces consequences: Secretary of the Commonwealth Veronica Degraffenreid told officials in rural Fulton County in July that they would have to buy new voting machines after the county allowed inspectors from a third-party vendor access to voting machines.