Limo Company’s History

PUBLISHED: 7:08 PM 9 Oct 2018

Owner Of Crashed Limo Company Revealed To Be FBI Informant

The company that owned the limo received 22 violations in the past 2 years.

A tragic limo crash killed 20 people on Saturday, prompting an investigation of the company's owner.

A truly tragic event occurred in New York on Saturday, killing 20 individuals in a limousine crash. Among the fatalities were 17 passengers, two pedestrians, and the vehicle’s driver.

Additional details later revealed the history surrounding the company’s owner which included scams that later caused him to become an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Even more inexcusable pertaining to the company owning the recently crashed vehicle is that it had allegedly received “22 violations in the last 24 months.”

The horrifying accident occurred around 2 p.m. on Saturday in Schoharie, New York. According to reports, the vehicle was driving down a steep road when it failed to stop at “a stop sign and careened into the parking lot of the Apple Barrel Country Store & Café, where the limo struck a parked and unoccupied 2015 Toyota Highlander” as well as two bystanders.

It has not been reported as to whether or not passengers were wearing seatbelts or if brake failure had caused the limo to crash, but it is being reported as “the deadliest transportation accident in the U.S. since a 2009 plane crash.”

However, other vehicles with the limo company have reportedly experienced issues with faulty breaks and emergency exits which were said to be ‘minor infractions.’

Also possibly relating to the detriment of the crash was the fact that the stretch SUV limo is considered a ‘Frankenstein’ automobile, or one essentially put together from parts from multiple ones, thus implementing modifications which could make the method of transport less likely to withstand impact.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke about the tragedy on Monday, revealing that the limo had been previously determined unfit for operation and that the driver of the limo, Scott Lisinicchia, did not even possess proper licensing to drive it.

Of course, the horrendous neglect to ensure the safety of passengers can be put directly on the business’ owner, who failed to do such.

Yet the now-identified owner is not exactly the most reputable individual considering his past.

Shahed Hussain, 62, is the owner of Prestige Limousines, and, conveniently, is currently in his motherland of Pakistan.

Yet Governor Cuomo said that “Prestige has a lot of questions to answer.”

While that it does, a series of others have been pertaining to Hussain and his other businesses.

Hussain reportedly immigrated to the United States “from Pakistan in the early 1990’s, fleeing a murder charge.”

In starting a new life in the U.S., Hussain began working for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. During his employment, he reportedly received bribes from immigrants having difficulty obtaining a drivers’ licenses.

Hussain permitted an estimated 100 individuals to obtain such illegally, leading to him being arrested in late 2001.

He was also caught “making fraudulent statements in a personal bankruptcy case as well.”

Faced with the possibilities of prison and deportation following the felony charges, Hussain became an FBI informant where he worked undercover to identify post-9/11 radial Islamic terrorism attempts, drug trafficking rings, and those “involved in the DMV scandal.”

More recently, he opened several businesses which all shared the same address at a ‘run-down motel’ in Wilton, Crest Inn Suites and Cottages that was temporarily shut down in 2017 due to ‘inhabitable’ conditions.

It was reported that it was more frequently used as a place to store limos for his other transportation companies, Chauffer Service Saratoga, Hasy Limousine, and Luxury Limousine.

Given that Shahad Hussain is currently abroad, his son, Nauman Hussain, who is said to be a significant player in his father’s businesses, attended an investigation meeting on Monday.

Despite senior Hussain successfully having brought down several terror and drug rings, even during his time doing so, his ‘trustfulness’ was reportedly questioned on several occasions.

Also horrendous, as seen from the aftermath of the recent crash, his inability to properly run a safe business is inexcusable and, unfortunately, demonstrates that a part of the previous scammer still remains in him, seen by the appalling negligence.

In the past two years, his vehicles were reported to have a “rate of 80 percent failure,” horrendously compared with the national average of 20 percent.

Only last month, it failed a DMV inspection; however, the company has only since been ordered to cease operations following the accident.

Eerily, one of the passengers in the car on that fateful afternoon, Erin Vertucci, reportedly texted her cousin from the limo, expressing that it “appeared in terrible condition.”

Despite the limo being clearly unfit for business, it has been reported that, so far, “there are no signs that the limo tried to break” prior to the collision, leading many to wonder, considering Hussain’s history, if it was an outright act of terrorism that killed 20 people.

Regardless of it being intentional or simply due to irresponsible business practices, Hussain has attempted to salvage what remains of his reputation with his lawyer saying of his client, “He wanted me to again do whatever I could to express to the families and the victims his sorrow.”

Unfortunately, the damage has been done, tearing multiple families apart. Considering that Hussain’s businesses were reportedly semi-successful and that he had been impressively compensated for his work with the FBI, he absolutely had the means to fix his vehicles which were falling apart, but instead, allowed them to remain in use, causing a preventable tragedy.