450 Guns Seized

PUBLISHED: 3:14 PM 31 Jul 2018

Over 450 People Forced To Give Up Guns Under New Florida Law

Roughly 250 guns and around 30,000 rounds of ammunition have been confiscated in the state since the law was enacted in March.

Florida passed a law that has resulted in 450 people have their guns seized.

More than 450 people in Florida have been ordered to turn in their firearms under a new law that took effect following the mass shooting in February at a Parkland high school, according to Fox News. The new law is similar to other measures signed by left-leaning states, and has stirred controversy over infringing on the Second Amendment.

Three weeks after the school shooting in Parkland, Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed the Risk Protection Order, which is aimed at temporarily removing weapons from gun owners who have been deemed by a judge to either be a threat to themselves or others. Lawmakers have argued that these measures are for the benefit of the people, yet others argue that removing the right of firearm ownership is the dame as removing freedom.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri revealed that roughly 250 guns and around 30,000 rounds of ammunition have been confiscated in the state since the law was enacted earlier this year.

Broward County, where the deadly Parkland shooting occurred, has filed 88 risk protection petitions since the law took effect. Pinellas County has filed 64 petitions since March.

In Pinellas County, every petition filed under the new order has been granted by the judge. That fact alone will give many pauses, as it appears judges are offering little to no push back against the new measure.

The Rick Protection Order follows a slew of other controversial measures signed into law in other states across the country.

As noted by Conservative Daily Post, Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-MI, told Fox News during an interview in April that she wants the federal government to have the authority to seize guns from all Americans that they determine are a risk to themselves or others.

Dingell said she was working on a bill that would work similar to other “red flag ” laws that have already been passed in other states. In some states, a court can issue an order to seize firearms from an individual without them even knowing about it.

Both Dingell and Scott’s measures — commonly referred to as “red flag ” laws — allow judges to determine whether an individual may or may not be dangerous.

If a judge rules that a person is dangerous — where, in some cases, they may not have even met the individual before making their ruling — the state can confiscate their weapons.

These laws are highly controversial and have sparked a national conversation over whether they are constitutional. The Second Amendment clearly states that every citizen has the right to bear arms, and many believe these “red flags” infringe on those rights.

Time will tell what happens next, but many are concerned that this is just the beginning of a dangerous movement that could sweep across the country.