118,522 Voters Left Off

PUBLISHED: 7:39 PM 6 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 10:59 PM 6 Jun 2018

Over 118,000 Voters Accidentally Excluded In Los Angeles County

A reported "printing error" caused more than one-third of the precincts in Los Angeles County to be exuded from voter rolls.

Almost 120,000 voters left off voter rolls in California.

A new report from Politico reveals that a “printing error” resulted in 118,522 registered voters in Los Angeles County being left off the rolls for the California primary on Tuesday. The explosive report comes after democrats suffered embarrassing turnout and the “blue wave” is looking more like a tiny trickle.

In a statement from the county authority, the error affected more than one-third of the precincts in the county, which undoubtedly played a huge role in the California ‘Jungle’ primaries. IN the liberal state, the top two candidates who get the most votes advance to the ballot. However, the political affiliation of the voters who were excluded has not been released.

Republicans posted major victories in the far-left state for Tuesday’s primaries, where the GOP is in prime position to hold current seats and even pick up a few from democrats in November’s midterm election.

County Clerk Dean Logan said that the nearly 120,000 voters left off the voters rolls could have voted with a provisional ballot, but he was unable to say how many were turned away at the polls and not allowed to vote.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Los Angeles County features California’s 25th and 39th Districts, two battleground seats that are often very close between republicans and democrats.

In fact, democrats have poured millions of dollars into the two districts, in a move to block republicans from getting a candidate on the ballot ahead of the general election in November.

As reported by Conservative Daily Post, California has a jungle primary system, where all of the candidates are on the ballot for the primary. Then, the top two candidates — regardless of political party — who secure the most votes move on to the general election in November.

In the 25th and 39th District on Tuesday, a republican candidate came in first place and a democrat came in second. In both races, a republican also came in third by just a few thousand votes.

So, given nearly 120,000 voters were left off the rolls on Tuesday, it likely played a big role in the republicans not getting both candidates into the top-two for both races.

That’s important because if democrats are going to win back the House of Representatives in November, they will need to keep all of the seats they currently hold in California.

This “printing error” appears to have had a big impact on the 25th and 39th District, where republicans were the front-runners and could have taken back two seats in the House had no democrats placed in the top-two.

Many Americans are rightfully questioning how this “error” managed affect almost 120,000 voters in the county that currently has two very competitive races that could play a big role in the republicans keeping the House.