Florida Student Tears Down Trump

PUBLISHED: 4:13 PM 21 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 7:23 PM 21 Feb 2018

Outspoken Florida Student May Have Alternative Agenda

He may be defending the FBI because his father was an agent.

One of the most televised survivors of the recent Florida school shooting, David Hogg has close relations to the FBI.

Following the wake of the tragic shooting that took nearly 20 lives, many have been using the crisis as a means of publicity, and taking advantage of the moment to call for greater gun control.

New footage has appeared overnight showing FBI related ‘crisis actor’ rehearsing his script prior to the mass shooting interview. Along with a portfolio of news stories featuring David Hogg, former classmates have come forward with yearbook photos showing that Hogg graduated from a California high school years ago. Linda Traitz has posted the yearbook picture from Redondo Shores High School in California. 

Playing off the emotions of the people to try and sway public opinion and even attack the president, many media outlets are covering the blowout from the shooting very closely. However, the one face that became quickly recognizable over the past week is David Hogg.

Hogg has had his message broadcasted over mainstream media for the past few days. Calling for a national day of marching in solidarity, the Florida survivor has demanded change from Washington.

Many news anchors have expressed sorrow and sympathy for the cause of the young man. Hogg has played to the emotions of many by claiming the adults have let him down.

Demanding a change to current gun laws, Hogg declared anyone who is not with him must be against him.

Yet, new film footage has surfaced which shows David Hogg rehearsing his supposed live TV performance. As a ‘supposed’ witness to the Parkland school shooting, media news teams are seen coaching Hogg and giving him multiple takes.

Normally from organic events, reporters on the street will ask a couple questions and listen to the answers live. Unusual for this incident, Hogg was allowed to change and rehearse his statement.

Many people, including some pundits, commented on how calm all the witnesses appeared. All the children seemed so sure of the exact details of the assault and unfazed by the chaos.

More upset with the president than the loss of his friends, David Hogg has not been slow to declare the real killers are Republicans. 

Child of a retired FBI agent, Hogg is no stranger to news and media outlets, but he seemed unclear on how the law works.

Claiming to be a student journalist, Hogg has proven to have a tendency to film his entire life with his phone. Conducting interviews and questioning students about gun control during the active shooter threat, the senior “student” seemed more focused on constructing a political agenda than providing evidence to the police as the school fell under siege.

Obsessed with filming his own exploits, Hogg captured headlines when he filmed his beach experience last year.

Earning himself a segment on CBS, Hogg recorded a lifeguard admonishing himself and a friend. The obscene language displayed by the minors enraged the Californian lifeguard to the point of banning the kids from the beach.

However, new information has come forward which shows he may in fact be a paid CNN staffer. David Hogg graduated from Redondo Shores High School in California in 2015

During his high school career, classmates knew that Hogg wanted to work for CNN and be an actor. Hogg may not be a survivor of the school shooting, but his dad worked out of the Florida field office where the FBI dropped the ball on monitoring Cruz.

Ignoring the fact that the FBI was tipped off about the assailant at least twice, Hogg fervently defends the organization. Yet, his story is full of holes. Refusing to communicate his concerns about his fellow classmate to an adult or his dad, Hogg stated the only person who could have done more to prevent the massacre is President Donald Trump.

With the exorbitant amount of screen time given to the survivors and coupled with the inherent bias for the FBI, David Hogg seems to be the perfect poster child for the next anti-trump movement.

Moving the headlines away from the bias displayed within the FBI, the Florida school shooting was a very conveniently timed affair for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Their massive abuse and corruption dominated the headlines before the shooting, but now the agency’s failure is highlighted. 

Multiple background checks were performed under the gunman’s name in the purchase of firearms. Federal background checks go through the FBI database and should have raised red flags at the agency.

It has only been a week, but the FBI has released more information about the captured Cruz than about the Las Vegas shooting in October of 2017. While some details have been woefully lacking, a clear narrative has been built around these tragic events. 

Is Hogg a paid actor? CNN has certainly staged events before, so why would anyone doubt? The fact remains that his so-called experience seems to be a farce. Of course, that will not stop the leftist juggernaut from saturating the airwaves with this latest lie.