Probation Outrage

PUBLISHED: 7:12 PM 18 Apr 2018

Outrage After Perpetrators Receive Probation For Assault On Minor

So far, none of the offenders are facing jail time.

A liberal judge has allowed two more assault offenders to walk free, receiving only probation time.

While all sex crimes against children are horrifying, ones in which offenders walk free add an additional level to the devastation that victims and their families experience in the healing process. For a judge to rule otherwise would prompt community and national outrage, along with the judge’s ethics being questioned.

An example of this occurred in a recent trial regarding a 2016 crime in which six men violently raped a 13-year-old girl. While they all deserve the maximum punishment, the apparently leftist presiding judge recently sentenced two of the men to probation, despite the victim’s grandfather pleading to Judge Michael P. McHenry that “there was six of them.” Even more unfortunate, due to the injuries sustained by the rape, the girl may never be able to have children.

On December 19, 2016, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Jacolby Williams, 21, invited the minor over to his home at the Stonebrook Terrace apartments, apparently to play video games. Also there were five of his brothers and friends, totaling six suspects who were with the victim, Clarence Williams, James Williams, Tommy Williams, Tyron Williams, and Uves Williams.

They were allegedly already in the apartment along with several of the victims’ female friends.

At one point, the victim left the group to use the restroom, and during which time, her friends left the home. According to reports, four of the men waited in a bedroom for the other two to grab the 13-year-old from the restroom where she was now outnumbered six to one.

They then took turns raping her; the victim’s grandmother reported in court in February that she “was passed around the group of men ‘like a hand on a clock.’”

On April 3, at the most recent trial, Clarence Williams, 19, and Tommy Williams, 20, received their ridiculous sentences: “a minimum of 10 years of sex offender intensive supervised probation with a maximum of life on probation.”

As for the other men, they also received outlandishly light sentences. The first ruling in January 2017 at Tyron Williams’ trial revealed that he was awarded the same “10 years to life” probation sentence, while James Williams received only five years at his trial in August.

Jacolby Williams’ trial occurred on March 5, yet the outcome is still unknown, and Uves Williams’ court date has yet to be determined; however, the community can, unfortunately, expect them to also receive punishments which hardly fit their crimes.

At Tyron’s trial, he attempted to provide a sincere apology by claiming that he would not have partaken in the crime had he known that the victim was a minor. This is a disturbing comment and does not dismiss him of his involvement in a violent rape.

Unsurprisingly, the victim’s family, along with the surrounding community and nation, is appalled that the judge could allow these monsters to get away with their heinous crimes. Such rulings are only minimal deterrents to them in the future, along with other potential rapists.

During one court appearance, the victim’s grandfather apparently got into a heated verbal argument with the Williams and was removed from the courtroom.

On social media, concerned citizens are rightfully condemning Judge McHenry for allowing these men to walk free.

However, the defense made claims attacking the victim’s credibility, claiming that she used marijuana, lied about her age, and changed her story on multiple occasions. Several times, the criminals even claimed that the attack was somehow consensual.

This is a ridiculous display of liberal logic coinciding with Tyron’s disgusting apology which fails to acknowledge that negligence of the law is not an excuse to break it. Also, just as teachers have been arrested for having consensual love affairs with their students, the victim was underage and it would still be considered statutory rape.

In coming to the men’s punishments, prosecutors reportedly attempted to claim that giving the men lighter sentencing from arranged deals would spare the victim additional trauma from attending further trials.

Regardless if there is any truth to this, it fails to address that this girl will likely be traumatized for life, and, if anything, suffered such invasive trauma that it may affect her ability to have children.

Those in the Colorado community are understandably upset at the ruling, given that four, likely soon to be six, dangerous criminals now walk the streets free despite their obviously premeditated crimes. Some have questioned what Judge McHenry would consider a fair punishment if the victim had been someone from his family.

The only apparent positive to at least having the men on probation is that if they get in any legal trouble in the future, they will surely face significant incarceration time.

McHenry can surely expect to see the men in his courtroom again. Hopefully next time, they receive the punishments they absolutely deserve.