O'Rourke Denial

PUBLISHED: 4:23 PM 23 Sep 2018

O’Rourke Denies, Police Report Contradicts

Accordingto O'Rourke, he never tried to drunkenly flee a motor vehicle collision he caused. The police report, and the witness, disagree.

O'Rourke denied the police report concerning his arrest for drunk driving and contradicted claims that he tried to flee the scene of a collision while inebriated.

As the end of the election season comes ever nearer in the United States, the debates and conflicts across the country have heated up, with democrats and republicans vying for control of various seats up for grabs.

Ted Cruz and ‘Beto’ O’Rourke have fought and debated for months, trying to convince voters which one should be a Senator from the state of Texas. However, O’Rourke appears to have decided that he should be dishonest about an arrest report concerning his conduct in the past. He ‘rejected’ the police report and its contents concerning his drunken act during a live debate. He also claims he was young… but he was actually an adult.

During a debate on Friday night, the topic alighted on a drunken car crash that O’Rourke was involved in back in 1998, twenty years ago.

At the debate, which occurred at Southern Methodist University, he admitted that he had been operating a vehicle while inebriated, and that it was a terrible ‘mistake’ that he couldn’t find an excuse for.

However, he also made statements that conflicted with the police report concerning the incident.

According to police reports published in the Houston Chronicle on August 30, the witness who made the initial call to emergency dispatch told officers that Congressman O’Rourke “attempted” to leave the scene after he lost control of his car and slammed into a truck.

The report stated that the witness turned on his over head lights in an attempt to warn oncoming traffic, and to try and get the democrat Senate candidate to stop.

When officers arrived on the scene, they said that the future congressman was incapable of being understood, due to the slurred speech.

They also said that when they got him out of his car, he almost fell to the ground.

The office proceeded to give O’Rourke the same balancing test that police departments across the country have administered to inebriates caught behind the wheel for decades, only to have him fail by “totally losing his balance.”

Eventually, the officers utilized their breathalyzers, and recorded the future politician at .136 and .134 percent BAC.

For his ‘mistake,’ O’Rourke was charged with driving while intoxicated.

During the debate, he stated that though he did get into a wreck while inebriated, he “did not try to leave the scene” of the collision.

This completely contradicted the witness account of the event, and ignored that the police report certainly didn’t make it sound like a mere DWI charge.

According to the ‘narrative’ box on the police report, the responding officer encountered O’Rourke after he had been reported driving at a “high rate of speed” in his black Volvo automobile.

Then 26 years of age, he had lost control of his vehicle, and slammed into a truck while travelling westward on I-10.

The force of the collision bounced O’Rourke’s vehicle across the center median, and left it pointed eastbound.

According to the police report, the suspect tried to flee, but was stopped by the individual who called 9-1-1 in the first place.

The Chronicle stated that instead of jail time, and in lieu of other punishment, the inebriated driver completed a “court-approved diversion program” and the charges were dismissed.

This is not an unusual practice in many states for people who get a DWI/DUI/OVI charge and have no other criminal record to speak of.

However, the way that O’Rourke talked about his DWI, and how he claimed that he didn’t try to drive away in complete contradiction to the statement by a witness, who was likely only interested in the incident because it presented a threat to himself and others, doesn’t seem to speak well of his character.

Someone who got drunk and left their keys at the bar while their designated driver drove them home made a ‘mistake.’

A person who got behind the wheel of a car with a BAC that is nearly the minimum for mandatory sentencing in the United States made a bad decision.

The citizens of Texas are looking to elect a Senator who will represent their interests, one of only two such people they can elect.

They have one man who has represented them well, even as he attempted to run for president, and another who was arrested for a drunk-driving offense, and who witnesses claimed tried to flee the scene after he slammed his car into a truck.

O’Rourke’s political platform is pure democrat boilerplate, from his talking points on firearms to his ‘women’s health’ stances. Senator Cruz, on the other hand, has been something of a ‘maverick’ thus far in his car.

Hopefully, Texans make the right choice for their state and for themselves.