Starving Oregon Patients

PUBLISHED: 5:58 PM 1 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 7:50 PM 1 Mar 2018

Oregon Law Allows Doctors To Starve Patients To Death

Their disregard for life continues.

Oregon legislators have made it legal to withhold food and water to mentally ill patients.

Liberals constantly discuss equal rights but then continue to contradict themselves when they advocate for horrors such as abortion and assisted suicide. This can be clearly seen in a disturbing new Oregon law which will permit medical facilities to starve mentally ill patients.

The new law, HB-4135, protects medical practitioners from being cited for denying patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia basic necessities such as food and water.

The first question that comes to mind when reviewing this bill considers why Oregon lawmakers would ever consider such a barbaric law.

Passed just this past Tuesday, supporters of HB-4135 defend it by claiming that its main purpose is not to kill elderly patients, but that it merely “makes technical changes to the current statutory advance directive form found in Oregon Revised Statue 127.531.”

However, the bill does, in fact, allow such tortures to be inflicted on patients. Lois Anderson of Oregon Right to Life rightfully calls the bill “a betrayal” to Oregon citizens.

The passing of HB-4135 is still awaiting the approval of Oregon governor Kate Brown. However, that provides little assurance to Oregonians who value all forms life, as Brown is a vocal supporter of abortion.

Considering that liberals do not value lives except their own, especially when it comes to those just beginning or ending theirs, it does not come as a surprise that they would advocate for such a law allowing such a terrible practice.

While some individuals have created advanced directives to inform family and healthcare professionals of their final wishes, it is unlikely that anyone has indicated that they wish to die of dehydration or starvation.

Declining to have a feeding tube it one thing, however, this is not what HB-4135 is referring to. There is nothing written in the law that states that patients must have a terminal condition, but rather, any mentally ill patients are at risk to be denied food and water at a facility’s discretion.

This bill is undeniably horrific on so many ethical levels. However, it is only a fraction of ridiculous liberal practices. Family members of elderly dementia and Alzheimer’s patients must now ensure that their loved ones are receiving basic human needs, which Oregon lawmakers inappropriately decided they are not worthy of.